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Kitchen Design Team

The individuals bringing their insight and inspiration into your home

Jonny Troy

Jonny Taylor,

Head of Design - Kitchens

Over 10 years experience at Betta Living

With 9 years experience in the kitchen industry, Jonny has now designed thousands of kitchens and as a result has collected a vast wealth of design and market place knowledge.

Paul Bailey

Paul Bailey

Kitchen Design Consultant

Nearly 20 years

Paul has been designing kitchens for nearly 20 years now. Paul believes passionately in creating a kitchen that has been designed with each specific customers needs in mind, and that each kitchen is unique to the needs and aspirations of the individual..

Paul Hurst

Paul Hurst

Kitchen Design consultant

Over 30 years in the home improvement sector

Paul joined Betta Living in January of this year and has spent over 30 years in the home improvement sector. Paul was previously a customer of Betta Living after purchasing a bedroom a number of years ago and the experience gave him confidence in joining a company that truly believes in looking after its customers, something he has experienced first hand.

Past Projects of the Kitchen team

These are just a small selection of the many projects our designers are proud to put their names to.

Mr & Mrs Latimer

Phoenix Warrington

From design to fitting everything went very smoothly.

Mr & Mrs Lucock

Kansas, Telford

From ordering to delivery to installation Betta Living were fantastic.

Mr & Mrs Walmsley

Denver, Thurrock

Thank you so much, your whole team were just so helpful & efficient.

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