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Shaker Kitchens

Need a kitchen that bridges the gap between style and substance? Looking for a design that takes both fashion and function into account? Enter, the shaker kitchen – the classic and refined design style that just keeps growing in popularity. Add a twist to tradition with an understated Shaker kitchen that makes a big impact.

What is a shaker kitchen?

The roots of shaker furniture date back to the 18th century and traditionally relate to well-made, practical and simple furniture that stands the test of time. At Betta Living, that hasn’t changed. What we have done, however, is update the classic shaker style kitchens with subtle details, bringing it right up-to-date.

The beauty of a shaker style kitchen is that it looks at home in any surrounding. Whether your humble abode takes on a very modern and minimalist look, or it’s more of a traditional space, the shaker kitchen is timeless.. You can rest assured that understated elegance and sophistication are at the heart of each of our shaker kitchen designs.



Shaker Heritage
Shaker Oak

The Betta Living shaker range

There are several variations on the ever-popular shaker style. Those that prefer a more contemporary look should opt for our Hi Gloss design, which is available in either a white or a cream finish. This up-to-the-minute design is the perfect solution for those who want easy-to-clean, wipe-down surfaces, teamed with a sense of modern glamour.

Those looking for a ‘wow’ factor should take a look at the Washington Shaker, a much-admired design that’s inspired by none other than the White House. Choose from either cream or limed oak doors - both of which bring a warmth to your kitchen interior.

If you’re looking for a colour palette that sets your culinary space apart, why not opt for our Shaker Heritage kitchen? With options in willow, taupe and dove grey, you can be sure that your kitchen will be bang on trend.




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