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Boxing Day Sale

Your New Year’s motto doesn’t have to be the stereotypical ‘New year, new you.’ What about a new interior?

Throughout the year, it’s only natural to let things like birthdays, holidays and Christmas shopping take priority over your humble abode. If your home’s looking a little worn out, however, there has never been a better time to give it some TLC.

As a special Christmas treat, Betta Living is hosting a fabulous Boxing Day sale. We will be offering a saving of 60% off all our stylish interiors, alongside an additional 20% sale! Not only that, but in the spirit of Christmas, the discounted styles will include some of our most popular fitted kitchens and fitted bedrooms

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Our Boxing Day Kitchen Sale

Perhaps you've been daydreaming about our white and cream Shaker kitchens? Or one of our stunning bedrooms, which incorporate timeless designs with a modern twist? Or even our sleek and fuss-free handleless kitchens: the ideal way to help you craft a clean and streamlined interior.

Traditionalists will be pleased to know that this offer extends to classic painted timber kitchens, too, while those struggling to clamp down on clutter can take advantage of the discount on fitted storage solutions. In fact, all of our bespoke bedroom interiors will be subject to a Boxing Day discount, so why not see in the New Year with a brand new interior?

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Our Boxing Day Bedroom Sale

Our bedrooms are our sanctuaries, so you’ll be pleased to know our Boxing Day Sale offers the chance to craft the cosy interior of which you have been dreaming. Are you searching for a way to make the most of a smaller space? Take a look at Betta Living’s stylish storage solutions, like our fitted wardrobes, which help to maximise space and minimise clutter. Are you thinking about upgrading to a more luxurious bedroom? Furniture with a high-gloss finish could be the finishing touch for you.

From timeless designs with a modern twist, to striking, modern-contemporary fitted bedrooms, you are sure to find a sophisticated design to suit your tastes.

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