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When we launched our Betta Design Hacks competition, we expected to be impressed by colourful, cute and quirky creations. And we weren’t wrong! In fact, we had so many striking entries that we struggled to choose a winner.

After much deliberation, however, we decided there was one design hack that really stood out... say “congratulations” to Tessa, creator of the beautiful matching furniture you can see above. She’s the lucky winner of £300 worth of One4all vouchers!

Co-ordinated furniture is a chic way to update plainer pieces that could do with a little sprucing up, as well as bring some uniformity to your rooms. Having the same theme adorn a few different pieces can help your home to flow, and looks lovely to boot!

If Tessa’s floral design hack has you itching to discover your own creative flair, why not try your hand at her DIY?

First, grab the table you think needs a new look (preferably one with a glass panel). Paint it white, then move onto choosing a gorgeous fabric or wallpaper sample that will sit nicely under the glass. Simply slot it in when the paint is dry, or glue it down for extra security. And you’re done! You could even create Tessa’s matching chair to complete the look.

Will you be trying out this winning design hack? We’d love to see some pictures of the finished product.

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