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Trends for 2016



We have already seen on the catwalk, shades of pink, red, peach, greens, purples, gold, warm greys, white and black, these will translate into the colours for interiors in 2016.



The trend of natural materials continue with the use of woods, stone, concrete, granite and a strong mix of metals such as brass, copper, chrome etc.

With the latest technology consumers access a wide array of ideas related to interiors and design. The result: with the exposure of new things we as consumers expect high value looks.







Authentic Trend

There is a focus on reconnecting people with reality (striking a balance between online technology and offline lives).

Trend: merging traditional with modern elements getting back to nature (tactile products).

For example technology has helped in providing products which have the visual and tactile aesthetic of wood, grass etc.

We expect the feel of the finish to reflect the look.


Personality Trend

Expressive design is on trend. This is being applied to everyday experiences.

(Quirky and unique).

This can be seen using small accents of popping colour with very natural looking wood grains or actual timber.

Texture contrasting, incorporating for example gloss mixed with wood grains and matt finishes.


Calming Health Trend

In response to our demanding lifestyles a sense of calm and intrigue can be seen by using neutral palettes with textures, people want to connect with natural looking and tactile things. Painted timbers in whites and stone greys produce a calm and natural look.


Space Saving

The average size of a family home has shrunk by two square metres over the last decade, this equates to the size of a small cloakroom, a report revealed from the financial services firm LV.

The minimalistic and clever usage and arrangement of spaces is extremely important for today’s lifestyle: The kitchen, for example, can be completely hidden to open additional space for storage and entertainment when required.  Nowadays we are moving towards a minimalistic model, whose aesthetic allows us to escape the rush of the city.  Mixing optical illusions in environments such as the kitchen, bathroom and living rooms using clever wallpapers will assist in this saving



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