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Kitchen trends 2016
  • Sales of Shaker kitchen double in a move towards traditional charm.
  • Sleek, high gloss finishes boom in popularity.
  • Storage space solutions becoming increasingly important.
  • White, grey and sage colours take centre stage.
  • A greater emphasis placed on personalisation.

If you’re planning a kitchen redesign, it’s worth keeping an eye on upcoming interior design trends to get ahead of the curve.

Here, we delve into the most popular kitchen styles over the past year, and take a look at the hottest trends cooking in the kitchen for 2016.

Country character


Adding a dash of country character is becoming an increasingly popular way to bring warmth into the kitchen. But character doesn’t have to mean twee or old-fashioned. A great compromise can be found in the Shaker kitchen; the perfect way to marry both charm and sophistication – not to mention staying bang on trend. Sales of shaker style kitchens are undoubtedly on the increase, with Betta Living’s most popular model, the White Hi Gloss Shaker, doubling its sales over the past year.

It’s safe to say that the Shaker design is a sure-fire way to get up-to-the-minute style without making your kitchen space feel too clinical. 

Glamour and gloss

Glamour and gloss

Another emerging trend in the world of kitchen interiors is the high-gloss finish. Since 2014, the sales of our Betta Living gloss finishes have rocketed: from 13% of all sales to 30% - that’s almost one in three of all units sold!

It’s little wonder, really; slick, hygienic and easy to clean, there’s a lot to love about a high gloss finish. Expect to see more emerging in 2016.

Super storage


If you have a smaller space to work with and you’re stuck for kitchen design ideas, you’re in luck! The prevalent trend of space optimisation will give those planning their kitchen design some food for thought.  

As the result of multi-use appliances and smarter storage solutions, the bar just keeps rising when it comes to clutter-free workspaces. In the kitchen of 2016, everything must have its own home. Features like this multipurpose pull-out unit are the perfect example of how you can achieve maximum space and minimum clutter.

Salt and earth

Salt and earth

Cream and white kitchens have formed the most popular colour collections for a number of years, but the trend is ever-increasing in popularity. They accounted for a whopping 73% of Betta Living kitchen sales in 2014, which has steadily grown this year to a total of 75%.

Greys are also proving to be a popular alternative, and look particularly striking when broken up with splashes of colour in the form of appliances. Sage has also been an increasingly sought-after colour choice throughout 2015, with sales of our sage Alderley range doubling since 2014. This earthy colour trend shows no sign of slowing down as we head into 2016. 

Customised for convenience


When Architects Journal and Barratt Homes ran a contest to design the home of the future, a great emphasis was put on tailoring and personalisation from both the winner, HTA, and the runner up, Levitt Bernstein. The designs focused on providing “light, space, flexibility and storage tailored to modern lives”.

Those looking into kitchen designs for 2016 may want to pay close attention to how they use their current space. Are you a family of coffee-lovers? An in-built coffee machine could be beneficial. Do you eat a lot of fruit and vegetables? Perhaps pull out vegetable baskets would be a good fit in your home.

Amanda Watson, our Head of Kitchen Product Design, said: “The shift in design trends – and particularly the rising popularity of the bespoke kitchen – is indicative of the fact that more people are using the kitchen not only as a place to cook, but to congregate and socialise. In 2016, design will have to work harder than ever before for the end user. Advances in technology and a move towards a modern yet unpretentious style will result in a happy marriage of clean lines and warmer colours.”

It’s always good to know what’s coming into fashion when planning an interior, but the key here is to build your kitchen around your lifestyle. Making sure that your kitchen is as personal and as flexible as you are, guarantees a space that will never become passé.


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