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Chocolate is a warm and safe colour, it encapsulates our desire to have natural things around us. Chocolate is often the colour we call wood or timber, it is grainy and earthy. Because it is natural  it goes with almost any colour.


The use of blue s and greens with browns in the home  will create an interior where colours shift and change like the landscape. We instinctively gravitate towards colours that remind us of the softer side of life to make our homes into an oasis of calm away from the speed of modern life.


Points to remember when using chocolates shades


1. Dark chocolate shades are dramatic, an ideal backdrop for pop colours such as  greens, oranges  and yellows .


2. Light and dark chocolate shades are almost neutral and versatile.


3. All chocolate colours work well with black, grey ivory and  white.


4. Chocolate works well with greens and blues, creating nature inspired interiors.


5. All chocolate shades co-ordinate well with any texture and look beautiful when teamed with natural wood.

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