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Window Dressing your bedroom


Window Dressing Your Bedroom




General Trend


Tranquility and calmness are becoming more important to us as we are constantly connected to technology, email, phone, and text.


In our interior design the use of greys, blues, and greens provide a sense of peace and comfort; these are colours which are reliable and easy to live with.




What Are the Current Bedroom Window Trends


The key words are simplicity and minimalism with an emphasis on crisp, clean lines. Gone are the heavy draped effects using jabots and swags.






Layering is popular, the overall look remains clean, and the palette is usually consistent for both treatments.  Blending colours rather than contrasting ones work best when you want to layer treatments. Any type of blind can be used under drapes for a layered look.








When you look through new fabrics you are bound to notice that textures and patterns which are widely available. You can't go wrong with geometric patterns, trellis designs, florals on light background colours and stripes never go out of style.








Vertical or horizontal banding is very popular and adds detailing and interest to any plain drape. You can add banding if you want to add visual height or width to a space.






Tips for Choosing Blinds or drapes




  1. Your biggest priority in choosing window treatments should be deciding whether you need


privacy or light or both!


2.  Choose the thickness of your fabric based on the amount of light you want in the room.  A


thick fabric lets less light through than an sheer fabric.




3.  Blinds are very versatile simple, very functional and economical from translucent roller blinds to romans and timber venetians, the advantage of blinds is their ability to control light and disappear when required. Motorised roller or panel glides also make them easy to control over large spaces. While see-through styles diffuse light.


Blinds are good in small rooms as they give the illusion of the room feeling bigger.





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