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The Table

The tradition of family eating has not declined as much as we are lead to believe. Britons have never eaten together as much as they like to think. People interviewed in the 1970s about their childhoods in the early 20th century often remembered meals without their parents. Upper- class mothers were out doing charity work; working-class fathers were on unsociable shifts. People still sit down to a roast Sunday lunch, a meal rarely eaten in solitude, 14 times a year on average.


True, the growing numbers who live alone, now 29% of all households, often eat by themselves. But adults who live with others usually eat dinner together, says Alan Warde, a sociologist at Manchester University. A recent survey by the university found that only 20% of those who lived with others had eaten their most recent dinner at home alone, a figure which has changed little in the past two decades.

The Dining Table

Unless you have an exceptionally small kitchen, try to include an eating area.

Recent research taken from the Mori Report Royal Institute of British Architects concludes:

Kitchens are vital for families. Several parents in the research groups noted that the kitchen was not only where they preferred to prepare food, but where they wanted to eat as well so that the family could be together. This was a widespread sentiment across the research groups, and was linked for many participants with the desire for an open plan living space.

“In this day and age, breakfast is about the only meal you can guarantee all being in the house together for. And it’s nice to not have to take that into a different room, rather than having a dining room and a kitchen and then having to transfer everything from one to the other”

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