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Does Size Matter?

The average size of a family home has shrunk by two square metres over the last decade, this equates to the size of a small cloakroom, a report revealed from the financial services firm LV.

It comes after the Royal Institute of British Architects has raised its concerns about the size of homes which people are having to live in, particularly the lack of storage space.

Many families told the Royal Institute, RIBA, they do not have space to store any large supermarket shops, particularly if they bought promotions, such as buy-one-get-one-free.

In the report a woman said: ‘I buy like lots of stuff in Tesco. If it is buy-one-get-one free crisps, then we just leave it in the car.’ Others used their garage or loft, rather than their cramped kitchen.
The study found the UK has the smallest homes by floor space area of any European country with the average new build property covered just 76sq m compared with almost double that amount of 137sq m in Denmark.



September Space Saving


Space Saving in the Kitchen

When it comes to kitchens, size is not everything. In fact, small kitchens can be just as practical and stylish as their larger counterparts. If your kitchen is a bit on the small side, you can do many things to keep it spacious and clutter-free.

Replacing large knobs and handles with smaller and sleeker style can widen the walkways of a small kitchen.

This might seem like a minor improvement, but it will reduce your chances of bumping into hardware when you’re busy and focused on kitchen duties.

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Maximise your storage spaces

Get rid of clutter by being wise about storage. Make the most of your walls by mounting hooks, racks and bars, in place of artwork.

Make the most of a high-ceiling room by opting for tall units. Use the higher shelves for storing items used less frequently.

Choose pale colours

White is always a good choice in space-challenged rooms but for a softer, less stark look, opt for cabinets and worktops in soft ivory or cream. You can always liven up the scheme with bright accessories.


Install clever storage solutions

The modern version of the traditional pantry, pull-out larders or drawers are a great space-saving idea and much easier to access than a cupboard. Plus it's easy to see what you've got at a solutions


Create more space with swing-out storage

When it comes to fitting a kitchen out from scratch, look for clever space-saving design ideas. This swing-out storage solution is not so much space-saving as space-stretching because it allows you to easily access - and therefore use - every inch of a corner unit.

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