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The Kids are Back at School


It’s that time of year again when all the kids have gone back to school, and flicking through your news feed you see all the pictures of kids in their new school uniforms looking all tidy and smart before the first day of school. So here at Betta Living we have put a few tips together for you to keep your children looking as smart as they did on the first day of school on to the last day.


  1. Try to wash uniforms on a low temperature in order to prevent uniforms fading and looking worn.

  2. Try not to tumble dry, hanging on a maiden can be helpful when drying clothes and also doesn’t over heat clothes and cause them to shrink. (Sometimes it even means less ironing!)

  3. Spray scotchgaurd on ties and other fabrics in order to repel any spill or stains, before they happen.

  4. Name Tags, we known it’s a pain but at least one child everyday loses a blazer or a jumper, by making sure your children have tags on their uniforms it could save you a small fortune in new uniforms.

  5. Hang uniforms up when coming home and change into different clothes before eating dinner or playing out in order to prevent added stains or spill to any uniforms. 


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