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Betta Living Bedroom of the Future Bed

Blog Trends for 2015:


What Influences Trends?

Fashion trends are perceived as the driving for, when it comes to trends.

The big trends are the force of change; these trends are used by product developers and designers for inspiration and translate into fashion and lifestyle.


Trend 1

One example is “digital life” our lives are over whelmed with information and increasing numbers of people are demanding relaxation zones in which they can chill out. The “new cosiness” is the buzz phrase.

Cosy accessories and softer shapes and colours with a welcoming feel are the essence of this direction.

Another major trend is “materiality” textures and surfaces provide inspiration for this look.

Bedroom Of The Future Room


Trend 2

Oak furnishing is continuing to be popular. This is carrying on the continuous trend of ” back to nature” which has been at the forefront for several years.

oak furnishings



Trend 3

Colours from the blue/green pallet are still strong and increasingly in demand in combinations with white, grey and wooden decors. The look is set for these new trend colours by matt and highly polished surfaces, or combination of these.

 trends colour


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