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Eat Well Plate

What is the Eat Well Plate?

 The eat well plate is a visual representation of how different foods contribute towards a healthy balanced diet.

The plate shows the different types of food we need to eat and in what proportions to have a well-balanced and healthy diet. Can help us feel our best and make a big difference to our long-term health.


 The eat well plate is based on the five food groups:

  1. Bread, rice, potatoes, pasta and other starchy foods
  2.  Fruit and vegetables
  3.  Milk and dairy foods
  4.  Meat, fish, eggs, beans and other non-dairy sources of protein
  5. Foods and drinks high in fat and/or sugar

The eat well plate encourages you to choose different foods from the first four groups every day, to help ensure you obtain the wide range of nutrients your body needs to remain healthy and function properly.

Foods in the fifth group – foods and drinks high in fat and/or sugar are not essential to a healthy diet.

8 Tips for Eating Well

1. Base your meals on starchy foods

2. Eat lots of fruit and veg

3. Eat more fish – including a portion of oily fish each week

4. Cut down on saturated fat and sugar

5. Try to eat less salt – no more than 6g a day for adults

6. Get active and try to be a healthy weight

7. Drink plenty of water

8. Don’t skip breakfast


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