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Lighting can make a house into a home!

Allows you to stamp your personality on your room. 
Without good lighting, the impact of all the other well-thought out details such as sumptuous furnishings, opulent flooring and lluxurious wallcoverings will be lost. So getting the lighting right is essential.

The rule of good lighting design is to use the right type of fitting in the right position. A good rule of thumb is to question the function of every fitting. If it does not have a specific task you should omit it. Beware of scattering fittings throughout for filling in. These will light only the floor and visually make a space look small.

Good lighting creates an atmosphere in a room. The key is to understand the use of the room and apply the relevant lighting to ensure it functions well.

For example, a study will require particular attention to task lighting. An open plan living/dining/kitchen needs to have a number different types of lighting, perhaps a mix of LED spots and low level floor, LED under cupboard task lights, and mains voltage lamp light to create depth and texture in the room.

Top Tips for getting the best out of your lighting:

1.  Use A Dimmer Switch for Instant Flexibility
2.  In the Bedroom 
Light the front of wardrobes with downlights to add a practical source of light,as well as bounce reflected light off them to boost the overall level of ambient light.  Good reading lights are essential. Sometimes a bedside lamp is sufficient to read by, or try a dedicated task light.
3.  In the Kitchen
Of all the rooms in the house, the kitchen needs the most flexible lighting scheme. Exposed light fittings collect the grime which cooking creates , so always opt for recessed or semi-recessed fittings and, above cookers, use lights which have glass covers. Under cupboard lighting is ideal for work surfaces, while a more unusual solution is back lighting a glass splash back. Always light the centre of an island unit with recessed LED downlights, or combined with simple decorative pendants on a separate circuit to your perimeter lights. You will then be able to chop vegetables safely one moment and enjoy your food in a softly lit room the next.

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