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National friendship day is celebrated on the 2nd August. So this Sunday let’s pull out all the stops to celebrate our relationships with our friends and the positive influences they’ve made to our lives.


Friends in the Kitchen

When it comes to spending time with our friends from having a “catch up and a cuppa” to hosting a party there is always something that just always draws us and all our guests to the kitchen. It seems no matter what is going on in any other room. Everyone seems to always end up in the kitchen.

The kitchen is known as the heart of every home, it’s the place where we share and laugh with family and friends and where memories are made. There are many reasons why we are always drawn to the kitchen.

  • The kitchen is where the food is.

  • The host of a party is normally found in the kitchen.

  • Guests always seem more comfortable in the kitchen as it seems familiar.


Even if kitchens are not the most spacious part of the home congregating in the kitchen seems to be natural. Although we know from experience that individuals are changing their home in order to make their kitchens a bigger open space.

So don’t forget to enjoy friendship with those you love in the heart of your home.

Watch out for our freebie Friday today were we will be giving you the chance to win a set of 4 cups and saucers for next time our friends call round for a cuppa.

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