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Bosch Dishwasher Loading Instructions

Newsflash! The answer came on the upper rack of your dishwasher in the form of the manual - who knew?

Back in October 2013 our Top 10 Household Chores That Cause The Most Arguments revealed that loading and unloading dishwashers was in the top 3 causes of household rows. With 31% women citing dishwasher etiquette as THE biggest cause of an argument in British kitchens.

Here at Betta Living we’ve been searching out tips for household harmony
and it turns out manufacturers have been helping dishwasher owners all along providing the row-resolving details. You just had to look for them!

Blogger Joe Clark, is on a one man mission to get to the bottom of this much-discussed domestic issue, having found and uploaded the owner's manuals to many dishwasher models on Flickr, all of which come with instructions on how to load your machine. They're really rather helpful as most people can never locate those manuals that come in every language on the planet and some of them are really rather lovely to look at, a touch of science and a touch of art.

The picture at the top is for a Bosch dishwasher and below is for the GE GSD6900, swing by Joe Clark’s Flickr page to see more of the manuals that have been found.

Dishwasher Loading Instructions 

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