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Moley Robotics Automated Kitchen

It may sound like the stuff of futuristic science fiction, but a high-tech kitchen featuring a robot is set to become a reality in the not too distant future. The Automated Kitchen was recently unveiled to the public at Hanover Messe in Germany, a leading industrial products trade show.

Created by UK-based Moley Robotics, the company claims the robot – the key component of the ensemble – can cook like a seasoned chef. Here's the low down on "Robochef" which could been seen in kitchens as soon as 2017.

The actual robot itself consists of a set of fully articulated hands that are the kitchen's centerpiece. It is claimed that it can reproduce the movements of a human hand using 20 motors, 24 joints and 129 sensors. 

The robot can emulate the movement of human hands

Moley Robotics claims the system does not cook like a machine, as it reproduces human movements. To do that, the company utilized the services of a real, flesh-and-bone chef, Tim Anderson, winner of the BBC Master Chef competition, to teach the prototype robot extra dexterity – and chutzpah.

The robotic arms can cook a variety of programmed recipes while you look on from outside - like watching your car get an MOT, but with tastier results. When it launches, it will be supported by a digital library of over 2,000 dishes. The team at Moley envisages that celebrity chefs will embrace 3D cooking downloads to add extra value to the cookbook market. Anyone will be able to upload their favorite recipes to the digital library and collaborate to what is being called the "iTunes for food".

users can share recipes

It's not ready just yet and when it is available, at the earliest 2017 it will be far from cheap. The MK1001 robot kitchen costs US$100 to reserve and US$72,000 to buy outright, though creator Moley does have a range of models available, starting from US$15,000. 

So if you can't cook, or won't cook, it looks like there may be a robot willing and able to do if for you!  

But would you want a robot to cook for you?

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Source: Moley Robotics

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