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Dolmio Pepper Hacker
Most agree that in todays high tech online world there are times when enough is enough and we need to make a conscious decision to put down phones, tablets, leave the laptop to one side and log off.
Recent research has found that the average household owns around twelve devices or gadgets. One of the many victims of 'online living' has become family mealtimes with the distraction of technology making it more difficult to connect with family members during mealtimes. That’s why we are applauding Dolmio’s latest campaign to reclaim family dinnertime from technology.  
They developed the Pepper Hacker which lets parents turn off Wi-Fi and mobile apps simply by cracking the pepper grinder with one twist. Dolmio secretly filmed the reactions of some technology obsessed families to see what happened when their tech was switched off and dinner served.
Now be honest what would happen in your home if the tech was turned off tonight? It may perhaps look at little like this ...
What happens when 1
A young girl is confused when her phone suddenly turns off (Dolmio/Youtube)
What happens when 2
What happened to her apps? (Dolmio/Youtube)
You can watch the full 'fly on the wall' video of what happened here:
Dolmio Pepper Hacker Video
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