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Vege platter

National Vegetarian Week runs from 18th – 24th May this year, encouraging the UK to go ‘veggie’ and explore new and delicious vegetarian meals for one week.

As firm advocates of vegetarian week, you may remember our competition last year in which we asked you to submit your favourite vegetarian recipes… and what a selection we received!   

The main focus of this year’s campaign is a sense of community;sharing appetising feasts with family, friends and neighbours. There are so many ways to get involved, so  we’ve pulled together some hints and tips to help you in your quest to becoming a veggie for the week (or longer!).



You may think that it’s impossible to cut meat out of your diet, even just for a week, but there are a wealth of online resources that can prove that going meat-free is just as delicious as the latter. The vegetarian society offer a bank of recipes for you to try, covering everything from guacamole starters to vegetable paella and food for all occasions. Alternatively, you may be keen to check out food bloggers; a couple of our favourites are Deliciously Ella and Tinned Tomatoes, who find inventive ways of using natural ingredients and fresh alternatives to meat. 

Veggie ambassadors

Why not be inspired by a whole host of vegetarian champions this year? Well-renowned chef Jamie Oliver hosts #meatfreemonday every week, and has a dedicated section of his website focused solely on vegetarian recipes for those looking to try their hand at a Jamie special, whilst Sir Paul McCartney regularly speaks about his is a vegetarian lifestyle supporting his late wife Linda McCartney’s iconic vegetarian status. You may also want to follow in the footsteps of famous veggies such as Alexa Chung, Damon Albarn and Martin Freeman..

Get the children involved

vege dish

Vegetarian week is a great time to get all the family involved, whether it’s in the cooking process or simply the eating! Why not make a big effort to get prepared for the week by deciding which meals you’ll be making and buying the ingredients in advance? It may not be feasible to cook together as a family every day, but by selecting a couple of evenings, you can get everyone together and try your hand at something new whilst enjoying time together as a group.

Share your creations

This year’s theme is all about sharing and we’d love to see your vegetarian creations throughout the week. Don’t forget to tag your recipes and vegetarian meals with the #bettaveggies so we can see exactly what you’ve been rustling up in the kitchen.

What will you be creating this vegetarian week? Leave us a comment below. 

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