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Mirrored Wardrobes

Thousands of students across the UK are taking to their bedrooms set to spend hours revising for GCSEs, A-levels and Degrees.

New research shows that the right kind of learning environment can be just as essential to exam success as a solid revision timetable and hours of swatting. From applying the right colour schemes, clearing out the clutter and atmospheric room ambience, stimulating the brain and affecting moods has never been so simple.

Advice by leading home interior experts show how to aid study success by creating a brain boosting bedroom in five simple and easy steps:

1. Choose green and blue in the bedroom

Colour researcher for UK based made-to-measure window blind company Apollo Blinds, Mike Stephen has found evidence that gentle shades of green and blue help concentration, memory and emotional tranquillity.

Apollo Blinds Teenage Bedroom

He says, “Strong blues help to stimulate clear thought and light soft blues will calm the mind. Blue is motivational which boosts creativity.  

“Green is the colour of balance and harmony and can, therefore, be helpful in times of stress.”

Apollo Blinds Green and Orange

2. De-clutter and opt for minimalist, white furniture

According to Feng Shui experts clutter creates a low, stagnant and confusing environment that constantly drains energy. Amanda Watson from fitted bedroom furniture firm Betta Living says:

 “Whether it is cluttered cabinet tops or clothes shoved on shelves, excess things in your surroundings can have a negative impact on your ability to focus and process information. Physical clutter overloads your senses, making you feel stressed, and impairs your ability to think creatively.

“Clearing the clutter to give kids the ‘mind space’ to take in essential information needed for cramming could see teenage brains take in the essential facts that could mean the difference between a B and an A grade!”

This Cassia space saver range, in white, from Betta Living is perfect for even the smallest bedrooms, with a clean white work space and ample storage to keep everything neat and tidy. Or loft rooms featuring fitted wardrobes in brain boosting colours tick two boxes for stimulating study.  

Betta Living Teenage Bedroom

Betta Living Sliding Doors

3. Fresh air and light/temperature/noise control in one solution

Fresh air is integral to a teen’s feel good factor while revising. Serotonin levels increase with oxygen levels and can significantly promote a sense of happiness and wellbeing.

Duette® blinds ( are the ideal window treatment for brain boosting bedrooms offering light/sound/temperature control in one solution.

With Duette® blinds in a multi-zone version, you can open windows to let fresh air in but still deliver shading for screens and to prevent too much heat (they block heat by up to 78%) avoiding that stuffy, distracting atmosphere.

Duette Blinds

Darkness supresses the production of cortisol, which keeps the body awake and alert. The blackout qualities of Duette® blinds will help to aid sleep recovery time and leave teens rejuvenated in body and mind, for a new day of revision.

Noise distractions are also reduced with Duette® blinds. The unique structure of the Duette® blind acts as a sound-proofing layer absorbing up to 45% of unwanted noise, giving students the chance concentrate with peace and quiet.

Duette Blinds Turquoise

4. Sleep your way to success - Get smart bedding

Eat, Sleep, Revise, Repeat!

Sleep is imperative to revision and exam success according to mental health charity Mind. Worries can be blown out of proportion if a student is tired.

Winding down before bed is key to a rejuvenating sleep and, after a day studying, the one thing that will help the brain recover fully is having a good night’s sleep. Teens in particular need at least eight and a half hours of uninterrupted sleep to leave their bodies and minds rejuvenated for the next day says the Sleep Foundation.

Plus research from Neuroscientists in Edinburgh show that a brief rest after learning something new, or having a nap during the day, helps the brain consolidate information.

Fine Bedding Company

A quality pillow and duvet can make a huge impact on sleep quality. The Fine Bedding Company’s Smartfil® bedding products use innovative micro-fibre blends specially created to help induce a great night’s sleep; it’s clever technology for clever minds!

If sleep is cut short the body doesn’t have time to complete all of the phases it needs for muscle repair, memory consolidation and release of hormones regulating growth and appetite. This results in reduced concentration and less motivation to learn throughout the day, so it makes sense to take sleep seriously. The unique manufacturing process of Smartfil® creates air percolation, allowing greater airflow through the bedding. This ‘breathability’ helps to regulate body temperature preventing becoming too hot or cold keeping tired minds asleep for longer.

5. Let There Be Light

Sunlight lifts the mood and improves energy levels, helping you to feel more focused and motivated.

Light directly influences our emotions because it reaches the brain through the eyes, and is transmitted to the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is connected to almost every other part of the brain, and involved with the regulation of hormones involved in motivation and reward. As a consequence, light has an effect on our basic drives and biological functions.

Betta Living advises “Try introducing mirrored furniture into the bedroom to reflect natural light or introduce clever natural lighting solutions such as Betta Living’s Illuminate Box Shelf Lights and LED Plinth Lighting to brighten up dark corners. Failing that place a light box next to the bed for a light boost in the morning!”

Bedroom of the future

Lead image credit - Mirrored wardrobes by Betta Living. 

Is it exam time in your home? What are your tips for happiness and success during what can be a stressful time? Share your thoughts with us over on Facebook and Twitter.  

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