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Mirror Wall

Why hang one picture on the wall, when you can put up a whole collection?

Here’s some creative ideas to inspire you to transform your walls and hang it all out there.

Mirror mirror on the wall, who has the most mirrors of them all? Janae over at Shabby Chic Paw Prints that’s who! Via

Multiple Pictures Over Bed

Use multiple pieces rather than one large one for above the bed.

A single canvas

A single canvas, a wedding photo is perfect for a newly wed bedroom.

A photo montage with fairy lights

An easy DIY bedroom upgrade a photo montage with fairy lights.

A corner in a symmetrical pattern

Don’t let a corner put you off, frame it instead. Create a nice effect by hanging pictures on both sides of a corner in a symmetrical pattern.

picture moulding

If you have picture moulding use it, if not consider adding it. Suspend family photos or favourite prints for a unique look.

messages on clipboards

Put inspirational messages on clipboards and hanging them on the wall, update regularly with printable quotes to fit your mood.

pictures on shelves

Rest pictures on shelves rather than hanging them.

Hang a series vertically

Narrow wall space? Hang a series vertically for clever style.

Many frames one colour

Many frames + one colour = stunning gallery

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