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2015 Tile Trends

How To Create A ‘Tylish Bathroom 

The water-resistant and durable nature of tiles makes them perfect for bathrooms but they are so much more than a functional aspect to a bathroom – they style a room.

Betta Living offers a complete design service when it comes to fitted bathrooms and that includes a wide choice of bathroom tiles. Betta Living’s head of design, Amanda Watson comments on her top five current ‘tylish’ looks.

“A feature tile can make a huge impact on a room’s look and feel - through its colour, texture or shape; and you can easily create a feature wall or floor even with a simple tile or on a small budget, it’s just knowing a few simple rules.

“Here are my top tips on the hottest looks right now and how to choose tiles best suited for your bathroom’s size and scheme.”

1. Textured “Wave-Effect” Tiles

Textured tiles are the hottest thing in bathrooms right now!

These wave effect tiles are calming, aesthetically pleasing and actually very practical to clean, in a gloss finish. The waves replicate the effect the sea has on sand as the tide goes out – simply gorgeous for bathrooms.

The texture is ideal for an all white bathroom to deliver depth and interest to the overall décor.

Streamline Matt Wave tiles are available from Betta Living in Gloss and Matt White (and Matt Black) colourways.           

Streamline Matt 

2. 3D Look Tiles

Take texture to the next level and bring an extra dimension to your bathroom walls with Betta Living’s 3D effect tiles. The light and shadow created by 3D effect tiling creates a modern and contemporary feature wall.

Say goodbye to boring bathrooms forever!

Montecarlo Wave Split Face tiles from Betta Living are available in white, beige/brown, light grey and anthracite colourways.




3. Larger Tiles For Smaller Spaces

The rule when it comes to small bathrooms is go large on the tile – this creates the illusion of space by requiring less cuts, creating fewer grout lines and a smoother flow to a bathroom.

Plus large tiles are so on trend that it’s now a timeless look that will last for years to come.

York tiles are available from Betta Living in stone, fossil and marble colourways.


4. Inspired By Nature

A key look for bathrooms for 2015/16 is ‘nature inspired’.

These tiles from Betta Living, that reflect the individuality and beauty of natural stone, right down to subtle differences in tone, texture and grain, will create a sophisticated and timeless bathroom. They don’t come with the natural stone price tag though!

Warwick tiles are available Betta Living in Arctic white gloss, Alabaster matt, white linea 3D gloss, white linea 3D matt finishes. 



5. Get Hip To Mix

Can’t decide between your final two favourite designs simply choose both and combine for a more interesting overall finish.

Here we have mixed our Streamline Gloss tiles in flat and bumpy finishes to create a unique textured splashback to the sink area.

Two designs together create an on trend look that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Streamline Gloss tiles are available from Betta Living in Smooth and Bumpy gloss finishes (Black and White colourways).

Streamline Gloss Black

Have these ideas inspired you to makeover your bathroom? Arrange a free design visit with Betta Living today or call 0808 271 4522. 

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