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Eco Home

Many of us strive to do our bit for the environment, and for the most part, we’re getting better at it than ever before. As with anything, though, there’s bound to be ways you can improve.

Take a look at these top tips to ensure that your home is as eco-friendly as possible.

Stay insulated

The answer to keeping warm isn’t always to crank the heating up. Check for draughts around windows and walls, and invest in draught excluders where necessary. Is your loft insulated? Most people are surprised to hear that you can potentially lose a quarter of your home’s heat through your roof!

Don’t waste water

Getting a low flow showerhead can save you up to 15-25 gallons of water per day. Alternatively, having shorter showers can make a significant difference to water usage. Always use a full-load when washing clothing to save on smaller more frequent washes using the same amount of water. Fixing leaky taps and turning the tap off when you’re brushing your teeth are examples of the smaller things you can do save the amount of water your household uses. Turning off the tap when brushing, can save you up to 6 litres of water a day!

Use timers

There can be nothing more inviting on a cold winter’s night than coming home to a softly lit, well-heated home. That being said, the answer isn’t to keep the lights and heating on all day while you’re at work. By getting a timer, you can ensure that the heating and lights are turned on at the perfect time, and you’ll reap all the benefits without wasting electricity and gas. Being conscious enough to turn off light switches as you leave a room and shutting down your electrical items overnight all play a small part in avoiding wastage.

Get your head round recycling

If you initially struggled to work out which day relates to which colour bin, you certainly weren’t the only one, but there really isn’t that much of an excuse these days. Recycling is now much easier. Online resources are a great way to get accustomed to the many ways you can recycle. If you’re still guilty of throwing a few batteries in the main rubbish bin, however, you need to familiarise yourself  with what to do with them.

Check your appliances

New appliances tend to be significantly more energy-efficient than their outdated counterparts. Replacing your old appliances could save you money on bills in the long run. Just make sure you take a look at their energy star label to find out how efficient they are before purchase.

Cool your jets

For heavily soiled items, you’ll need to wash clothes on a higher heat, but for the majority of your clothes – like that top you’ve only worn for a day – wash at 30°C. Most detergent manufacturers claim their washing powder can leave your clothes as good as new after a low temperature wash, so bear that in mind when you’re choosing your washing powder.

Don’t forget: by taking some of these simple tips on board, you can rest assured that you’re doing your bit for the environment, not to mention making some significant savings on household bills.

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