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minimalist elegance in the attic

Loft conversions are one of the most popular ways of expanding a home if you want to improve rather than move. Here are five key things to consider when turning your loft into a fully functioning room to make your attic the highlight of your home.

1. Natural light

Natural lighting is the best way to make your loft space look larger. Roof lights are very popular in loft renovations and are very energy efficient. Having lots of windows, or one or two larger windows will create a light and airy loft room.

attic bedrooms 

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2. Clever storage

It’s rare that you get a conventional full height wall to work with in terms of storage so cleverly integrated fitted wardrobes with sliding doors are ideal over freestanding furniture to fit into awkward shaped rooms and sloping roofs. 

Loft Attic Wardrobes 

3. Soundproof floors

Flooring in loft might not be as sound proof as other flooring in a house and this means they can be noisy for people in the rooms below.  Opt for ‘quiet’ flooring like carpets and rugs where possible and insulate the floor joints to limit noise to maximise your enjoyment of a new space, especially if you're creating a playroom or extra bedroom.

Loft Attic Playroom

4. Ventilate and insulate

Lofts can get very warm as heat rises to the top of the home, however your loft is also likely to be the area where the most heat is lost too. Paneling is a good solution for ceilings and Velux windows that can be opened are ideal but also make sure the room has other vents to prevent it from feeling damp and stuffy.

Panelled loft ceiling

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5. Easy access

Access to the loft room for it to be a fully functioning room in the house needs careful planning.  And don’t forget that it needs to be practical enough for getting furniture up to the space too!

For those on a smaller budget, choose the option that avoids modification to the rest of your home as much as possible. It is possible to get very cheap, steep and narrow ladder staircases but don’t forget to consider whether or not this is practical as you may need to get furniture up into the room.

Space saving stairs

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Loft rooms have a unique charm and designing such a space comes with many challenges so we hope these tips will make things easier for you. Will you be converting your loft space in 2015?


Header image, with thanks and full credit to Torley via Flickr Creative Commons. 

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