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Cardboard box

School holidays, rainy afternoons, empty weekends – it isn’t always easy to keep the kids occupied at home. One fool-proof way of keeping the whole family entertained, however, is a crafty foray into the world of cardboard. There are all sorts of things you and your little ones can make out of this everyday material, especially when you start crafting on a larger scale…

A delightful doll’s house

Doll’s houses can be pricey. That is, unless you fashion one out of a cardboard box! This miniature masterpiece is the perfect project for kids to get involved in. All you need is your box of choice, a pair of scissors and your family’s imagination, and pretty soon you’ll have a home for everything from Sylvanian Families to Polly Pockets that you can take with you wherever you go! That’s right, it’s collapsible – perfect for trips away!

You can see a video demonstration of the project and grab a free set of printable instructions here.

A retro aeroplane

The beauty of this project is just how easy it is! All you need to make the fuselage is a single box: just cut a space across the top that’s being enough for your youngster to sit, then cut a rounded space out of each side to give the appearance of doors. The wings, propeller and tail can then be made out of other spare bits of cardboard – you could even draw on lights or the name of your very own airline! Let your little one’s imagination run wild.

Full instructions for this charming cardboard plane can be found here.

A dinky doll’s bed

Do you remember dressing up your favourite stuffed toys and reading them a bedtime story? If your kids are just as devoted to their cuddly companions, they’ll love helping you make them a proper little bed. All it takes is a large cardboard box and some scissors, as eacg piece neatly interlocks to form the structure.

The full instructions can be found here, then who knows? You may even be inspired to go the whole hog and whip up some teddy-sized bedding, too!

A corner shop

This easy-peasy project is a great way to have some educational fun. Once your family has put the shop together, your youngsters can go about polishing their mathematical skills by selling you all manner of groceries.

Grab a big cardboard box to act as the shop itself, and a small cardboard box you can fix to the front to display kids’ wares. Then, simply follow these instructions to complete the fiddly bits and indulge your family’s creative side.

A pint-sized castle

Now, this project is a little more complicated, but with a bit of teamwork and family spirit, there’s no reason why you can’t spend an afternoon building your very own cardboard castle. With a 20x20x20 cardboard box, some diligent marking out and clever scissor work, you’ll soon start to see turrets, towers and a drawbridge taking shape.

You can find the complete cardboard castle instructions here, moat not included.

Creative, quality family-time isn’t just a great way to save the kids from boredom, but a lovely bonding experience that will see you working together as a team. With just one or two cardboard boxes and a bit of imagination, there’s no limit to what you can make. Happy crafting!

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