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New life, de-cluttering, brighter weather – there is no season more suitable for an interior revamp than spring. The kitchen is a fantastic place to start, being ‘the heart of the home’ and all, but it isn’t always the easiest room to make over. The secret is steering clear of dramatic changes, like ripping up artificial flooring to expose floorboards begging for a coat of chic white paint. Instead, brighten up your kitchen with stylish accessories that will make guests to your home green with envy.

Hanging planters

 hanging plants

Hanging planters weren’t just made for gardens: step out of your comfort zone and use them to brighten up your kitchen. Braver souls can choose planters that hang from the roof, while others can opt for subtler variations that attach to the wall. The one key rule, however, is to make sure they’re colourful, quirkily-shaped, and filled with fragrant herbs that will cheer up your kitchen on even the most dismal spring days.

Pantone mugs

Keeping mugs on display – either lining the back of a kitchen unit or hanging from under a cupboard – adds an extra area of interest to kitchens, especially if the mugs in question radiate colour. Pantone mugs are available in a veritable rainbow of shades, featuring some of the colour specialist’s best-loved hues.

Fresh flowers

Nothing says ‘spring’ like a bunch of fresh daffodils. Add them to a colourful vase and place them on your kitchen windowsill, then just wait until the sun pokes through the clouds and sends shafts of light through those delicate yellow petals. Their dreamy hue can bring so much life to a kitchen – just make sure they’re replenished when they begin to wilt.

Vibrant chairs

Brightly-coloured chairs make an otherwise neutral kitchen sing. Dependant on your tastes, you could go for a mix of mustard yellow, rusty orange and lime green, or a pleasant mix of pastel shades reminiscent of the ice cream soon to fill our freezers (if this chill lets up, that is). You needn’t even empty your pockets – why not get creative and paint your old chairs?

Kitchen Aid mixer

 Kitchen aid mixer

Justin Snow /

The famous KitchenAid may be at the pricier end of the scale, but they’re a wonderful investment that won’t just fill your kitchen with the sweet scent of baking sponge cake, but a pleasant dose of colour. They are available in every shade your heart desires (from pastel green to metallic grey), so you’re sure to find one to match your kitchen.

It isn’t always easy to add a brave dose of colour to your kitchen, but with these suggestions, you can rest assured that the fruit of your efforts will be worthwhile. The result: A stylish touch that could inject much-needed energy and flare into your living space.  


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