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Kitchen organisation

The kitchen is the hub of any home; full of of the smells of delicious culinary creations, family time and bustling activity morning, noon and night. So, with all of this commotion, it’s natural that your kitchen can become a beacon for clutter: muddy shoes next to your door, stray pots and pans, leftovers, un-folded washing and over-ornamented surfaces.

As spring approaches, it’s the perfect time to consider a fresh new start, making use of your space and working out how to get organised in the kitchen. Here are some top tips to see you through the impending task.

Make worktop space work for you

Kitchen table

It can be tempting to fill your free worktops with appliances, pans, utensils, plants, ornaments and mugs, but the whole reason they are named worktops is because you’re meant to work on them. If you only have a small worktop, clear as many of your items into other places: utilise your drawers, ensure clean pots and cutlery are put away promptly, and don’t put bulky appliances on display.


Add shelves and hooks as storage solutions

Plates and mugs

A simple method to help clear your worktop is to add shelving to your kitchen, above the surfaces. It’s a great way to store pans and other crockery if you don’t have the cupboard space. You can also add décor, such as plants to add a touch of greenery to your cooking area, while cups that may have been scattered on your sides can be placed on the shelves for ease of use.

Handy drawer system storage

Drawer organisation

Are you a keen cook with lots of extra utensils for all variants of recipes? Invest in a drawer system that will keep them all together, whilst tidying them away neatly. Whether you’re looking for a place to store your vegetables or an abode to home your pots and pans, by using a drawer system that’s tucked away, everything will be within easy reach for any budding Nigella or Jamie.

Containers for dry goods

Kitchen jars

Packets of dry goods like rice, pasta, tea and coffee can naturally look untidy, so style them up to suit your taste by distributing them into new, good-looking jars and tins that compliment your kitchen décor. The jars will help you to keep organised and know how much of each ingredient you have left, as well as adding a finishing touch to your very own interior creation. Glass jars are handy, or colourful tins look great if that’s more your style. Add labels to them to make a quick and easy transition from packets to an organised kitchen.

Keep it clean

Kitchen clean sink

It wouldn’t be called a spring clean for nothing, so be cut-throat when it comes to de-cluttering. Do you have jars of spices that are years old? Are you lapse at checking ‘best-before’ dates on tins, and are overrun with plastic containers you don’t use? Yes, recycling is preferred, but if your kitchen is swarming in takeaway containers, it’s time for them to go. As for spices, keep the ones that are most in date, and get rid of those questionable food items.  As you dispose of unnecessary items, you’ll feel refreshed and able to make more use of the space you have cleared. Keep on top of your cleaning to feel truly de-cluttered. Wash up and unload the dishwasher on a regular basis to avoid overcrowding and turn your kitchen into a workable zone.

These tips will help you achieve the tidy, sparkling kitchen space that you deserve. Just think how satisfying the end result will be as you knuckle down to spruce up your kitchen. 

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