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While you might not always feel like stumbling foggily around the kitchen first thing in the morning, trying to whip up a healthy breakfast, doing so can have great benefits for the rest of the day. Taking in the right vitamins, minerals and nutrients before a day of hard work can give you more energy and make you feel more alert, but what if you’re so pressed for time in the morning that you’re more inclined to grab a sugar-laden breakfast bar?

Here are five suggestions for delicious, healthy breakfast ideas that will keep that New Year detox running smoothie-ly…

Smashed avocado on toast

Avocadoes are having a moment. Whether in sushi, salads or sandwiches, people are singing the praises of this nutritious fruit. This is mainly because they’re so full of good fats, vitamin E, iron and potassium, and are incredibly versatile.

They make a great breakfast when mashed up in a bowl, with a squeeze of lemon juice and twist of cracked black pepper. Once you’ve mixed this all together, toast some seeded wholemeal bread and spread it on top. It only takes five or ten minutes!

Poached egg and mushrooms on toast

Yes, toast again, but eating bread for breakfast is actually a good thing when it’s of the wholemeal variety. This is because the wheat grains from which it’s made haven’t had their husk removed, meaning the resulting bread is richer in fibre, protein and vitamins.

Another way you could eat it is with that old favourite addition of poached eggs. They’re so quick to prepare, and when used to top a bed of vitamin-filled mushrooms and iron-rich spinach, they taste all the more tantalising.

Natural yoghurt with mixed fruit


THOR /, CC by 2.0

Unlike regular fruit yoghurts, or even fat-free yoghurts (which are often laden with sugar to make up for the taste the fat takes with it), natural yoghurt contains much less of the sweet stuff and a lot of healthy protein. Just like eggs, this protein will keep you feeling fuller for longer and less likely to reach for a mid-morning snack.

To tone down the sourness a little, and add some extra sweetness, pair your yoghurt with a mixture of your favourite fruit. Our personal favourite topping is a handful of fresh blueberries, banana slices and chopped up strawberries.

Porridge oats with banana

When it comes to buying porridge, bland is best. Pre-flavoured oats contain tons of hidden sugars, so just go for the plain stuff and flavour it with things you know are beneficial. Slices of banana contain a good amount of potassium, lots of vitamins and a great helping of fibre, as well as a delicious natural sweetness that goes perfectly with porridge. You could even stir in a little manuka honey, which is said to strengthen the immune system.

Citrus berry smoothie

Everyone seems to be on some kind of smoothie diet, and while detoxing isn’t all about smoothies, they do play their part in filling you full of good stuff at breakfast time. All you need to do is choose a combination of fruits and vegetables that takes your fancy, chuck them in a blender, whizz them together and hey presto! You have a smoothie you can pour into a portable drinks container and take on your commute.

A citrus berry smoothie is a particularly good one to try. Make it from a selection of your favourite berries (from blueberries and strawberries to blackberries and grapes), with the addition of about 125 ml of ‘not from concentrate’ orange juice, for extra vitamins and zest.

You see, it’s so easy to eat well at breakfast time. All of these recipe ideas can be whipped up in around 15 minutes or less, and are full of good stuff that will keep you from deviating from your New Year detox. Which is your favourite?

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THOR /, CC by 2.0

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