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Parents spend on average £764* per year, and nearly £14,000 by the time children reach 18, on new clothes for their children - so it’s pretty essential to have wardrobe storage that grows with your child. The last thing parents want to do is spend even more on new storage solutions as children’s clothes grow in size! 

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That's why we have launched a transformative wardrobe storage system that will grow with kids as they go from designer babies to trendy teenagers. Prices start at £458 for a wardrobe with kids interiors from Betta Living.

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The Adaptive Wardrobe Storage has been designed with ease of access as a priority – another key factor for children who want the independence of choosing their own outfits but often can’t reach up to adult height rails. 

Designer Amanda Watson explains: “As children’s clothes grow larger their storage requirements change. This new range has been developed to make it as easy as possible to adapt wardrobes through the years without having to buy new systems or products. When children are smaller, wardrobes require lots of different levels but this will decrease as clothes need more space. 

“The new system comprises pull-out shelving that can be removed when more hanging space is needed; and extending hanging rails on runners which can be fixed at any height in the wardrobe and, because these pull out, accessing hanging items is child’s play.”  

Up to three hanging rails can be housed in a standard double wardrobe. Items can then be gradually removed as more hanging space is needed for larger clothing. 

But tailored solutions for children’s rooms don’t stop there. We have a comprehensive Junior Collection of fitted bedrooms, with a vast array of practical, functional fitted furniture options for kids spaces – from bedrooms to playrooms. Fitted furniture and sliding wardrobe doors make the most of clever storage to keep rooms neat and tidy …. Well one can try! 

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* Research conducted by Nutmeg and Lakeside Shopping Centre

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