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Flowers for valentines

Couples everywhere celebrate Valentine’s Day in their own little way. Some plan a romantic trip away or go all out with presents and decorations, while others prefer to just treat February 14th as a good excuse for that long-overdue film night and takeaway. Whether your own attitude towards Valentine’s Day is more ‘bah humbug’ than big celebration, however, there are plenty of little things you can do that all add up to some cosy, romantic quality time.

Pre-spring clean

Why wait until spring? Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to spruce up your home. There’s no need to completely blitz every room, simply make sure that dirt and dust are busted and any untidy distractions put away: put books back on the shelf, ironing in a cupboard and things like bills in a drawer.

Break out the mood lighting

Bathroom valentines

The key to a romantic home makeover is mood lighting. A bright, glaring glow is more reminiscent of an evening of family board games than an intimate night-in for two, so flick your switches carefully.

If your lights operate via dimmer switches, it’s easy to turn them down to a warm and cosy ambience. If all you have to work with is a switch, however, simply choose a single wall light or a lamp, and pair it with the glow from a few sweetly scented candles.

Candles also come in handy in areas of the home where bright lights are, often, the only illumination, like the hallway or bathroom.

Make the kitchen the heart of the home

A Valentine’s Day meal, whether homemade or ordered in from a takeaway, is a lovely way to spend your evening on February 14th. The food doesn’t have to be slap-up to be special – it’s more about the atmosphere you create in the kitchen. Dim lighting and candles immediately conjure up a romantic atmosphere, but there are plenty of extra touches that will make the evening feel even more special.

They don’t have to be sweeping gestures – simply bringing out fancier cutlery and crockery, draping the dinner table in a lovely cloth and filling a couple of glass vases with fresh flowers all make a world of difference. You could even string up a length of red bunting.

Don’t neglect the bathroom

The bathroom has a much more important part to play in Valentine’s Day than you might think. Forego cheesy (and messy!) touches like a bath full of rose petals, and instead, Valentine’s-up your home comforts. Replace run of the mill soaps and bubble bath for heavenly-smelling alternatives (raspberry and dessert-style scents work perfectly), and swap out white towels for richly-coloured, luxuriously fluffy alternatives. From wine red to deep plum, the colour is completely up to you.

Pay attention to texture

Texture is everything when it comes to romantic nights in, in terms of both sight and touch. Take throw blankets: super soft and fluffy or luxurious and silken, they’re the perfect thing to dress up your bedroom or snuggle under to watch a film. Cushions made from the same materials, and even bedding incorporating a satin texture are perfect accompaniments that lend the night an extra special atmosphere.

How will you be spending Valentine’s Day? Will you be adding some romantic touches to your home or indulging in a special evening out? Let us know!

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