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Wardrobe save space

Whether we like to admit it or not, we’re all guilty of a little light hoarding. This is especially true when it comes to our wardrobes, where many of us tend to store everything from handbags and shoes, to spare bedding, blankets and items of clothing we rarely wear. And that’s all on top of our clothes!

One solution is to buy more storage for other areas of your bedroom, until your space slowly becomes more and more cramped. The other, which is a much more practical solution, is to make the most of the wardrobe space you already have at your disposal…

Have a clear out

Clothes clear out

 The best way to make the most of your wardrobe space is to start with a simple clear out – the more space you have to work with, the easier it will be to make the most of it. Go through everything you have in your wardrobe and ask yourself, ‘Have I worn this, or used it more than a handful of times in the past year?’ If the answer is no, then think about selling it or taking it to a charity shop.

Utilise the rest of your bedroom


This point is largely space-dependant, but you’d be surprised what you can do with even the smallest of spaces! Is there empty space under your bed? Take the shoes out of your wardrobe, pop them in storage boxes and slide them underneath: you could even do the same with handbags.

If other areas of your room are looking a little bare as well, get creative with storage solutions that don’t take up a lot of space. When summer arrives, you could pop things like thick winter jumpers into vintage suitcases and stack them against a wall. And why not track down a stylish clothing rail on wheels that fits nicely into a corner of your room?

Store beyond the rail

Wardrobes have bags of potential that go far beyond their clothing rails. All of that space above the rail? It’s the perfect place to install a shelf for your handbags. And below it? Space for a shoe rack. You could even screw hooks into the back of your wardrobe door – space that would otherwise never get used – before hanging up garments or affixing an extra rail.

Of course, you could always leave the DIY to the experts and invest in space-saving fitted wardrobe, but once you start thinking outside the box and take a really close look at the dead space in your current wardrobe, you’d be surprised what’s going to waste. If there’s room, you could even place pictures and ornaments on any shelves you install, turning your wardrobe into an extension of your personal space, rather than a simple storage unit.

Colour code your clothes

colour code clothes

Far from fussy, colour-coding your clothes is actually a great way to organise your wardrobe. Not only does it look lovely and make your wardrobe look less cluttered, but it can actually make things easier to find. Think about it – rummaging through rails for your favourite yellow dress won’t be necessary when you can just skip straight to the yellow section of your wardrobe.

Store by use

Clothes storage

Again, this may seem fussy, but just like colour-coding, storing things by how frequently you use them will help to keep you organised, making it easier to keep your wardrobe looking its best. The things you wear or use most should be stored at eye-level, the things you use a bit less at a lower level, and the things you use least right up at the top of your wardrobe. This strategy means that your favourite garments will be right at hand, but don’t be afraid to experiment: swap some items around every once in a while to give things that rarely see the light of day a chance. You may even discover that you’ve overlooked them for a reason, and they can actually be gotten rid of.

Taking some time to streamline your wardrobe is a fantastic way to clear out clutter and make this storage space more work of art than organised chaos. You never know, you could even end up creating room for that bulkier item of clothing you’ve been waiting to buy!

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