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Foster Partners

The Foster Series of desk accessories for the German office brand Helit (shown above) is possibly one of the most lusted after of all the desk accesories. Ahead of Apple when it came to using aluminium these accessories are like architecture in miniature, when assembled together form a cityscape for the desk adding to the fun of a 12 hour day.

Inspired by Katy Cowan at Creative Boom's post "The top 20 cool desk accessories for creative professionals in 2015" here's 10 desk accessories to add some to keep you inspired at work or in your home office:

1. Ukko - Charge with style 


Ukko is the only handmade charging-station for your devices that was designed from scratch to be beautiful and act as a display-holder too.

2. Task Clips


From high tech to low tech but just as important, keep paper work under control. Do. Send. File. Action. And ... repeat.

3.LED World clock

LED World clock


The big hand and the small hand were a thing of the past with the arrival of digital displays and now 21st Century clocks are leaving the digits behind choosing to display time in words with the new LED Word Clock. With time management being the cornerstone of success a desk clock is a must have item.

4. Six Mile Pencil 


Laptops, tablets, styluses and computers, technology is only good when it works and we are still big fans of the humble pencil. Produced by one of the last remaining pencil manufacturers in England, Chambers Pencils, the six mile pencil illustrates how far you’ve drawn by using a mile ruler printed on its main body and contains enough graphite to draw six miles.

5. Desktop Wooden Slingshot 


We're not sure that there has ever been a more satisfying addition to a workspace than this beautifully made wooden slingshot. Put the fun back into recycling, simply screw up those bits of unwanted paper into satisfyingly round balls and fling them into your nearby recycling bin.

6. Mother


If you're searching for a little more organisation in your life, let Mother take care of everything; providing you with all of the knowledge and comfort you need, when and how you want it. She's your very own fitness tracker, stats keeper, security system and life coach all rolled into one glorious Russian doll-shaped package – it's like someone has physically crammed Mary Poppins in there. Put your feet up knowing everything is in Mother's capable hands, allowing you the time and piece-of-mind to focus on all of the fun stuff. 

7. Sharpener Desk Tidy 


Tidy desk, today mind. Up your productivity and elegance to your desk with this Sharpener Desk Tidy a statement piece made out of stainless steel and sustainable rubberwood. 

8. Sushi Memo Pads


Cute alert! Have pens, tick! Have pen pots, tick! Need sushi memo pads. No chopsticks needed! 

9. Urbio Wall Organiser

urbio wall organiser

The Urbio is a magnetic wall storage system, which consists of several containers that attach to each other with magnets. That way, you can arrange the containers in any way you want to suit your every storage need. It’s ideal for when you’ve got a small desk space to go wall mounted with your desk accessories. 

10. Walnut Monitor Stand 


Stand tall or sit tall, and your back, neck, and shoulders will thank you for it. The Walnut Monitor Stand works wonders with sitting or standing desks and adds extra space under your monitor where you can slide your keyboard, mouse, hard drive and books. 

For more inspiration for your desk and accessories to liven up your workspace make sure you read Katy's full blog post over at


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