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Bedroom declutter

Being faced with a wardrobe overflowing with clothes, shoes and accessories can be daunting, especially when your task is to tidy and sort it all. However, de-cluttering your wardrobe can also be a therapeutic way to get organised and refresh your home life.

To avoid feeling bamboozled at the prospect, we’ve pulled together a checklist of tips to leave your wardrobe more super stylish than jumble sale chic.

Allocate time


Clearing out your wardrobe on whim will leave you buried under piles of clothing, so allocating a specific date and time for organisation is the best idea. It may not be the most fun task but, once it’s done, you can shut those doors feeling confident there aren’t any messy monsters lurking.

Identify the issues

Once you’ve allocated time for a serious sort out, identify your problem areas, but don’t beat yourself up about them. Yes, you may have too many clothes and a ridiculous amount of scarves that you never wear, but it happens, and it’s important to tidy what you do have as opposed to ignoring the situation.

Divide and conquer


Okay, you’ve identified where the issues lie, now let’s tackle them head on.  Split the sections of your wardrobe into piles and have a pen and paper on hand to make a note of where each group will go. It may be boxes of photographs ready for the loft, or unwanted items destined for eBay: whatever they are, clearly label them for post de-clutter.

Don’t start new tasks while in the process of clearing out

We’re all guilty of starting new jobs part way through a challenging task, or being easily distracted by boxes full of memories found in the bottom of our wardrobes. So how do you keep this procrastination at bay? Once you have started the de-cluttering process, stick to it. Try your hardest not to give into the temptation to let your mind wander: complete the task as quickly as possible to avoid the clutter taking over the rest of your bedroom.

Gift your friends or charity

clothes rail

If you enjoy a feel-good factor whilst tidying, why not gift the items you don’t want to your friends and the local charity in your area? Loved ones will revel in a good hand me down, and charity shops always welcome good quality products to sell in store.

Think carefully about sentimental items

You may be tempted to do a blanket sweep of your wardrobe and get rid of those dresses or coats you haven’t worn for a while, but items with character should be carefully considered. Ask yourself if you’ll regret throwing it away. Do you still love it, but just haven’t had an occasion to wear it recently? It’s good to be cut throat, but consider garments with vintage appeal or classic styles for later down the line. Keeping them neat is key, so put them in a particular section of your wardrobe to ensure they’re tidy.

Storage Solutions

White wardrobes dcw

Embrace storage boxes or shoe tidies to create more room in your wardrobe. There are many options for storage, and they don’t have to be plain and boring. Invest in boxes to fend off wardrobe overspill caused by shoes and bags. If you feel like boxes won’t cut it, fitted wardrobes are a practical solution to make the most of wardrobe space, fitting everything neatly into one unit.  

Think of de-cluttering as a cleansing experience to create more space in both your wardrobe and your bedroom, or for a sneaky new purchase or three!

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