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A cream kitchen is for many the natural choice. The Betta Living fitted kitchen range includes traditional and modern kitchen designs with high gloss as well as matt cream finishes. Each allows you to accessorise and style around this classic neutral

Here's our pick of 10 of the best cream kitchens. Starting above with our New York Cream it doesn’t come much more on trend than sexy, sleek curves and a high gloss cream finish.

From contemporary to traditional in the same colour way, our Alderley is a classic Shaker door with a chunky frame and a slightly textured finish.

Alderley cream and sage

Staying with the Shaker style but with the addition of a subtle chamfer on the inside of the shaker door here's our Shaker Twist kitchen design.


Our Dallas kitchen design is an understated modern design that will be the envy of your friends.


Bold columns give our Washington kitchen design in ivory a striking regal look.


You don't have to live at The White House itself to appreciate the beauty of the Washington Cream kitchen design.


Our stunning Phoenix kitchen creates an uber modern, chic and sleek design.


Can’t decide whether to go for a solid finish or a natural wood grain effect? The best thing about designs like the fabulous Pasadena Cream is that you get both.


The Shaker Hi Gloss brings together all that's so popular and fashionable in current kitchen design. Sleek, slender lines and a smooth high gloss finish make it confident and cool, yet never austere and always impressive.


There's a calm, collected confidence about the Linear. Long flowing lines end in softly sweeping curves, stunning simple doors and drawer fronts are uncluttered and handle free.


Is a cream kitchen the colour choice for you?

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