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2015 Interior Trends

2015 will once again see an influx of NEW interior trends as we look to update our homes with fresh takes on seasonal themes (and evolve current trends) or make a total step change with brand new on-trend styles all together to really make an impact in 2015.

So what’s going to be hot in 2015?

Our design team has identified a number of key trends for 2015 that have helped to shape our new products, accessories and styling. Here are a pick of the looks that we predicts will be most popular in fitted kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and home offices in the coming year.

Betta Living’s head of design, Amanda Watson says:

Stimuli for 2015’s top interior design trends come from all areas of our daily lives, from catwalks to a walk in the park, and classic watercolours of the 19th century to iridescent finishes from the 80s.

As a UK retailer of fitted kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms we also scour the leading European design shows to draw inspiration from around the world that we then feel will be relevant for British homes and customers in the UK.


There will be some strong colour trends this year with big hitters like Dulux, Pantone and fashion pundits hinting at indulgent greens, Marsala, Copper Blush and moreish custard yellow as key colours to invest in if you want to be on trend in 2015.

Also look out for tangerine orange, toasted almond and glacier grey, popular in kitchens and bedrooms alike.

Colour Trends 2015Ever Green

Verdant palettes in our home decors are coming from the catwalk, expressed in luxury heritage tailoring, green feathers, green sheepskin and grassy lace statement pieces.

Applying green hues into the home is not about bringing plants in, it’s about the colour green and greenery in all its ‘faux’ and synthetic forms. To really achieve this look to full effect, be brave with green and go all out – mixing vibrant green shades and textures in dramatic high impact ways.

Another influence on this trend is Google earth. Arial views of the countryside show how the hues of green fields connect in naturally beautiful ways, which is being cleverly replicated in home interior schemes from rugs to wall tiles.

Ever Green Interior Trend 2015

Pantone has announced its colour of the year as Marsala. Betta Living’s popular Arts & Crafts kitchen shows how this shade can be applied to fabulous effect.

Marsala Interior Trend 2015

While Dulux’ colour of the year is just a softer pink/red hue named Copper Blush. This versatile pinky orange will complement grey tones, woods and metallic, especially copper. This warmer palette reflects a more positive outlook for the year.

Copper Blush Interior Trend 2015

Aquamarine is a fabulous colour for our homes, evoking thoughts of soothing tropical waters and its ability to co-ordinate with other popular 2015 colours.


Pastels At Dusk 

2015 sees an update on the sugary sweet candy colours of previous years to a more complex, dusky and rich colour palette.

Mixing (or colour blocking) the 2015 colour palette in one room, or even one wall, really works this look to the max. Other colours within this scheme are soft sage / leaf green, muted pale blue and palma violet.

Pastels At Dusk Interior Trend 2015 Palette

The pairing of milky glass in soft pink, milk white and light grey is a sophisticated way to bring this look together and is perfect for spring.

Pastels At Dusk Interior Trend 2015

Timeless graceful grey will continue as a popular and practical neutral colour to apply, from soft furnishings to walls and woodwork.

The warmth of Betta Living’s ivory high gloss style kitchen inspired from the Shaker period, combined with the floral folk style wall covering results in traditional crafting with a new fresh twist to modern living.

Floral folk style walls

The top trends to look out for in 2015 include:

Watercolours (Artscape)

There is a new use of florals for 2015. A huge trend forecast is the influence of classic watercolours and beautiful brushstrokes for new takes on florals and painting, but this artwork won’t be hung as masterpieces on walls; hand painted florals motifs and abstract designs will be applied to cushions, entire walls and window blinds. This look was present on the S/S 15 fashion catwalks and as digital printing techniques now allow beautiful brushstrokes and impressionistic fashion to be enjoyed on such a wide choice of surfaces, it will be translated in a variety of ways in our 2015 room schemes. Colours merge in almost childlike ways and vary from fresh and bright to bold and dramatic.


Terrainesque (Primeval Forest)

The great outdoors will again have an impact on our home interior colours and textures this year, as well as inspiring fun features such as the creation of unexpected, almost secret, oases in urban surrounds; forming “quiet zones” to disconnect with technology and a calm nature-inspired area to escape the hustle and bustle of modern day living.Terrainesque Interior 2015

In 2015 the nature theme will embrace deep forest greens and earth tones (Farrow & Ball cite their Tanner’s Brown as a key colour for 2015), with the warmth of jungle climes and humid atmosphere of the rainforest, that allow rooms to live and breathe.

As well as influencing the colour palette, which will see us with almost poisonous looking colours associated with exotic frogs, lizards and spiders adorning our walls and accessories, the trend will juxtapose rich handcrafted and unfinished items with modern pieces. Salvaged wood is another key look within this trend.

Terrainesque Interior Trends 2015

John Everett Millais’ famous oil painting Ophelia (or the lady in the lake), known for its depiction of the detailed flora of the river and the riverbank, stressing the patterns of growth and decay in a natural ecosystem, is a useful reference for this trend.

Hydrophobia (Aurora)

Also taking a cue from nature is the new exciting Hydrophobia trend, mimicking the effect when oil hits water and the amazing patterns and colours that occur. These waterborne effects will enter our homes in the form of wall tiles, lights, fabric designs and vases.

Hydrophobia Interior Trends 2015

This is quite a fresh, feminine look (heavily featured on S/S catwalks) and ideal for modern homes and styling – especially when mixed with whites, milky glass, mirrors and hazy plastics.

China In Your Hands

Classic blue and white bone china has been a mainstay in UK homes for decades adorning mansions to country cottages alike. And it’s being revived for 2015 as the classic combo of blue and white is interpreted across wallpapers, bedding and lamp shades. Designs range from traditional chinese patterns and bold blooms to geometrics and cool circles. Think colbalt blues and denims, associated with vintage crockery and antique dinnerware, for this look.

China In Your Hands Interior Design Trend 2015


This trend adds a new dimension to a neutral scheme and is ideal for those who follow more minimalist codes. Create calming sanctuaries and escapes with clean lines and neutral hues, but inject crystals, gems, metallics and shiny skin effect fabrics, as well as subtle tones to stark white, to update the home for 2015. 

Crystal Tips Interior Trend 2015


Bold graphic designs, printed in bright colours will deliver an instant update to living spaces; evolving the homespun folk and tribal theme for 2015 to make it applicable for modern rooms such as a gloss white kitchen.

Graphicista Interior Trends 2015


3D printing is opening up new opportunities to make our homes even more unique than ever before. Designers are producing items never thought possible, celebrating intricate wirework and industrial structures on a smaller scale in today’s living spaces.
2015 is also about celebrating the beauty in the inner workings of items from building renders to electronics.

3D Interior Trend 2015

What do you think of these deisgn trends? Love them or hate them? Share your thoughts with us over on Facebook and Twitter and swing by our Pinterest boards for more interior inspiration.


Sources and contributions with thanks to:
Betta Living
HangarSeven Creative Director Alwyn Humain
Farrow & Ball

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