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Colour of the year Marsala

A versatile shade for both men and women, Marsala has been voted as THE Pantone Colour of the Year 2015. Rich and inviting, this wine tone is popular for both interior and fashion styling.

As this bold colour hits our radar, we’ve devised 15 effective ways in which you can use the earthy shade.

Subtle furniture

Whether it be a three piece suite or a leather armchair, this colour choice can be integrated into a home with understated flair. Used alongside both green and mustard, or blue’s and teals, the colour sits well in anything from the bedroom to the kitchen.

Creative cushions

A simple touch, cushions are a great way to explore this colour without imposing too much Marsala throughout your home. Go for a Marsala coloured print, combined with a block coloured style for a striking combination on a settee or bed.  

Wedding décor

A popular choice for weddings, Marsala can be used effectively as a colour theme throughout your ceremony and reception: flowers, table decorations and even bridesmaid dresses.  The versatility of the shade means it can be enjoyed by both men and women on your special day.

Block painting

If you can’t get enough of Pantone’s Colour of Year, why not paint an entire room in this enriching shade? If discreet is more your thing, choosing one wall as a focal point can also bring a hint of originality to your home.

Stylish clothing

Marsala sits well with a range of clothing colours, but is most complimentary when worn with black, grey and deep navy, to bring out the natural berry tones of the shade. Block coloured coats and dresses are a true statement, or for a subtle take on the colour of year, add boots, a wide brimmed hat and bag to your look.  

Beauty touches

Popular with make-up artists, Marsala has been incorporated into beauty pallets in the form of lipstick, blush, nail colours and eye shadows that are ideal for the winter season. A stark contrast to the pastel shades of spring, Marsala can be paired with peach hues and pinks or a classic smoky eye.


It could be a flock print or floral mix that catches your eye as an ideal technique to freshen up your interior. Whatever you choose, the colour is sure to be a hearty-looking hit with visitors.

Upcycling with Marsala

To spruce up your pre-loved furniture for the New Year, add a touch of Marsala paint: a dresser that may be looking more shabby than stylish, or a picture frame that’s been hiding away in your attic. Upcycling your belongings gives a thrifty and innovative appearance.  

Fresh flowers

Having a whole room kitted out in Marsala may not be for all of us, so keep it simple with fresh or artificial flowers in this berry shade. The splash of colour will create boldness in any room, without being overbearing.  

Marsala in the kitchen

As part of a kitchen revamp, why not invest in statement, Marsala-coloured crockery, or take the trend to the next level with Marsala coloured appliances? Conjuring up thoughts of wine and warmth, the colour adds a hint of sophistication to any kitchen.


Graphic artists are keen to use this Pantone favourite in their palette, so keep an eye out for prints and artwork that incorporate everyone’s new favourite shade. Described as “eye-catching but not over-powering”, Marsala-fused artwork can be easily placed around the home without being over the top.

Stationary shades

We all love a fresh new diary to fill up as we start a New Year, so why not invest in this maroon like tone on a leather-bound diary or notebook?

A distinctive colour to add to your interior collection, and a welcome addition to both home décor and fashion statements, Marsala is the colour to watch in 2015. 

Main image: Scott Lewis /, licensed under CC


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