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Christmas Present Finder

All winners have been contacted by email and our Christmas congratulations go to the following lucky winners:

Day one:         Grey lantern with star decoration - Elaine Stokes, Oxfordshire.

Day two:         Black and Gold Deer - Natalie Moore, Torquay.

Day three:       Star Tea Light Candle Holder - Lisa Jane Troccoli 

Day four:         Xmas Sign - Jayne Townson.

Day five:         Pewter Glitter Stags Head - Norma Robertson.

Day six:          Black Stepped Light Display - Lindsey Clark. 

Day seven:      Hanging Pine Garland - Corissa Smith.

Day eight:       Wooden Decorations - Monica Gilbert.

Day nine:        Penguin Cushion - Caroline Standish.

Day ten:         Pearl LED Wreath - Christine Bray.

Day eleven:     Candle holder - Ellie Spider.

Day twelve:     Red Xmas sign - Jackie Jacqueline Chapman.

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