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So you’ve braved the frantic Christmas shoppers to pick out the perfect festive treat for each of your loved ones. To complement your carefully chosen presents, why not personalise your gift wrapping for a twist on tradition?

Photographic gift tags 

A creative alternative to boring old gift tags, using Polaroid photographs of your family and friends will give a special sentimental touch this Christmas (and maybe a few laughs too!). Hole-punch the corner of the photo and add red cotton as a gift tag, or slide it under the string of the present to sit central and not be missed!

Rustic charm

gift wrap8

Going back to basics is a great way to make your presents look different this holiday season, by using scrunched up brown paper and twine for a charming rustic look. Add in a small piece of Christmas pine to give an enchanting alfresco appearance.

Image Credit: Dennis van Zuijlekom /

Straight from Santa

gift wrap9

Children anticipate Father Christmas’ arrival months before the big day - sending letters full of lists, putting out a carrot for Rudolph and pouring a sherry for Santa as Christmas Eve approaches. Why not re-create the look of this envelope design using brown paper, a printed address label and stamps for that extra special delivery. It’s like something straight from the North Pole!

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Japanese fabric wrapping

gift wrap4

Furoshiki is a traditional style of Japanese wrapping designed to protect delicate items. Ideal for unusually shaped presents, this practical idea can be created out of unused material by simply tying them around your gift. If you’re feeling a little more creative, why not design a stamper to produce your own fabric print as well as complimentary gift tags?

Image credit: Kim Love /


Lovely lettering

gift wrap6

Another way to personalise your presents is to create handmade lettering on each of the gifts, personalised to your loved ones. There are plenty of opportunities to upcycle around the home using old maps, books, newspapers, magazines and wallpaper to produce a unique design.  

Image credit: Lauren Manning /

Paint your own

gift wrap7

A fun project for all the family, painting your own gift wrap lets the artistic juices flow onto paper for a thoughtful addition to your presents. The kids will love this idea too, and getting them involved in the paper creation gives you one less job for the holiday period! 

Image credit: Steve Snodgrass /


Bottle wrapping


A unique way to wrap your yuletide bottles is to make use of tea towels. The lucky present receiver will be able to use each element, whilst your gift is wrapped in an original way. Tea towels can also be handy for wrapping other gifts, especially when adorned with seasonal prints and a festive bow.

Image credit: BarbaraLN /

Lego gift box

gift wrap5

Lego is a well-received present by any child, and a useful gift wrap apparently! If you’re feeling innovative, bring out your inner child and make a gift box for your loved ones using only Lego. The internet is rife with online tutorials that can show you exactly how to make the gift wrapping as exciting as the present!  

Image credit: fdecomite /


It was on a starry night…

gift wrap3

Holiday-style candy-stripe straws can be easily made into a simple star to adorn your gifts. All you need is eight straws, bunched into sets of two and bound together with white or red cotton to make an elegant and eye catching addition to your pressie.

Are you a last minute wrapper? Or do you spend time making the best-looking present? Whichever category you fall into, to really see your nearest and dearest light up this year, try adding a touch of seasonal sparkle to your gifts.

Image credit: Steve Snodgrass /


Main Image: Janayna Velozo /

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