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Spice racks tube

If you have been spending all this time keeping your spices in that same old boring shop-bought container that they arrived in, then shame on you. While it may not have crossed your mind in the past, there are a wealth of alternative spice storage options out there that will really… well, spice things up!

So here you go – here are five stunning spice racks that will transform your spice storage habits from bland to beautiful.

The test tube theory

Rack spices

Many people believe that a measured, systematic approach is key to creating a culinary masterpiece. If you fancy yourself something of a scientist in the kitchen, you’ll love this idea from Jenny Linguist. These are ideal receptacles in which to store some of your favourite spices from around the world. If you can’t get hold of a small metal funnel, it’s easy to make a small paper funnel to slide your spices into. The chalk board at the side means you can locate the spice you’re looking for in a glance. 

The changeable chalkboard

Chalkboard spice

This idea from Life in Ryans’ is great for those that change the types of spices they use, because you can simply rub away the chalk and start again!  You can even add your own frame to really set it off, transforming the piece from practical to pretty.  

The repurposed relic

 Repurposed relic

If you love a bit of shabby chic, or you’re into repurposed items, then look no further, because we’ve found the perfect spice rack for you. This inspired creation from Nine Red utilises a vintage Coke crate to great effect, and it’s something you can knock up at home for next to nothing!

The jar bar

 Jarbar spices

If you don’t have a much space in your kitchen, then this option from Truly Simple is the perfect space-saving solution for you. With nothing more than some spice jars, magnets and a few other bits and bobs, you can create this look in your own kitchen.  You can guarantee that friends and family will soon want to follow suit.

The spice server

Spice server rack

Sometimes, the style of your kitchen means that the shabby chic wooden options just aren’t befitting. But these beautiful repurposed silver casserole servers from Mod Vintage Life offer the perfect frames for your spice rack, and make for a fantastic conversation piece.

Why not try out one of these cool ideas in your own kitchen? Or, if you don’t really make use of spices when you’re cooking, then they could make the ideal gift for friends and family.


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