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Cork place setting

Making your own Christmas decorations is a great way to save money, create a new family tradition and be environmentally conscious.  Castaways around the home can be up recycled to make the quirkiest of decorations. You’ll be surprised, even wine corks leftover from all that festive cheer can be turned into delightful trimmings.

1. A Star Wreath

 cork star wreath

A simple design, this painted cork wreath makes use of those cork leftovers by combining six clusters.  Design Fixation used a combination of blues for a snowflake design. Why not introduce an array of colours depending on your Christmas colour scheme?

Image credit: Designfixation


2. Traditional Wreath

cork traditional wreath  

This cork wreath adopts the look of the more traditional festive wreath, by creating a circle of corks with rich red baubles. Add in splash of gold glitter, festive florals and a red ribbon loop for an attractive decoration throughout the holidays.

Image Credit: Wineandcork


 3. Cork Reindeer

cork reindeer 

The kids will love this cork reindeer! Combining corks, a bow, pipe cleaners and sewing pins for Rudolph’s eyes, you can create not just one, but the whole of Santa’s reindeer crew.

Image Credit: Momsmenuplanner 


 4. Personalised Cork Decorations

cork personalised

Image Credit: Aliveandkickingdesign

As Christmas approaches and you feel reflective heading into the New Year, this sweet decoration using corks is a place to record your champagne popping moments. Keep them on your tree or all year round as a personal reminder of the good times.

 5. Cork Christmas Tree

 Cork xmas tree color

Image Credit: Pinkwhen

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the tree! Using a group of corks, sprinkled in glitters of gold, green and red, these trees could be a money saving gift or attractive trimming.

 6. Seasonal Stamper

 Cork stamper

Image Credit: Leafandletterhandmade

Isn’t it lovely when you receive a Christmas card that has that extra personal touch? A seasonal stamper made using, yes, you guessed it – corks, can be made into numerous shapes for your style: snowflakes, hearts and trees, created using a simple cork and cut out stationery rubber

7. Seasonal Initials

 cork initials

Image credit: Fabyoubliss

This is an inspiring decoration for designing initials and festive sayings.  Mount the corks onto a card letter template and complete with seasonal ribbon. To marvel at your handy work all year round, simply change the ribbon to a print or block colour and display throughout the home. 

8. Cork Place Settings

 xmas cork tree

Image Credit: Amie Fedora

A cork place setting is a cute addition to any festive feast. Get colourful and add vibrant ribbons in tartans of red and green if you’re feeling bold, or keep it simple with silver or white for a classic Christmas fare.

9. Cork Board

 cork board

Image Credit: ElinB /

A slightly more labour intensive gift idea, but a great place to display your yuletide messages nonetheless. Create your very own cork board by sticking leftover wine corks to an old picture frame – it’d look great in the kitchen!  


10. Cork Christmas Tree Decorations

 cork xmas

Image Credit: Thehomelessfinch

A little more adventurous? Why not have a go at these beautiful tree decorations? Create your very own tree using twine, six pieces of cork and some festive ribbon for a unique tree ornament.

Feeling inspired and eager to try some of these out for yourself? Hunt around for potential upcycles and get thrifty around the home for an added warm and fuzzy festive feeling this Christmas. 

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