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Betta Living Virtual Wardrobe Bedroom Of The Future

According to our survey, women want a fitted wardrobe that will choose outfits based on their mood in their bedroom of the future, where men are holding out for a wardrobe that will help their women to get ready quicker!

The majority of men quizzed (56%) said a future fitted wardrobe that helps their female partners get ready more quickly and helps men avoid awkward questions over what their women should wear would be their biggest hope from a futuristic bedroom.

Second most popular among the UK’s menfolk would be a fitted wardrobe that automatically presses their shirts and t-shirts, saving them valuable time when preparing for work or a night out.

Britain’s women have distinctly different needs and wants from their ideal future wardrobe. The most popular wish among the UK’s ladies (48%) is a wardrobe that would pick an outfit based on their mood. So, it would choose an outfit that flattered their curves on a night out and would select the perfect jeans, t-shirt and jacket combination when they wanted to dress down and enjoy being a little more casual.

The women also want their wardrobe to have a ‘best-friend’ facility, gently suggesting costume changes and getting the best out of its contents according to what is on trend and the mood of the (female) owner.

The bedroom of the future should be white or off-white according to 51% of the men polled. And it would contain furniture that changes its colour at the push of a button, according to what is in fashion.

Women are not dissimilar in their bedroom décor desires. But the most popular choice among the girls (45%) are programmable walls and floors that can change colour or design via an app, meaning the girls can permanently  make sure they are on trend, whatever the season’s most popular colour choices.

                           Floating Bed

Fashion and celebrity stylist Jayne Walker said: “Quite often when women have problems putting together an outfit, it’s not that they don’t have the clothes to achieve the look they’re after, it’s just that the clothes they need are hidden at the back of their wardrobes and have been forgotten about.

“It’s no surprise that the girls want a fitted wardrobe that measures their mood and can also combine that with helping them see what the contents of their wardrobe – even the hidden stuff they may have forgotten about – are capable of looking like when combined well.

Jayne added: “For men it’s all about speed, efficiency and saving cash.

“They want a fitted wardrobe that quickly nails the perfect outfit for their ladies, getting them out of that tricky spot when their partner asks them what they think she should wear. They also want it to iron and press their shirts and t-shirts!" 

In summary, it looks like women want a wardrobe that will function as their best friend and permanent style advisor, where men want a wardrobe that will save them as much time and effort as possible!

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