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Karen Fenton lives with her husband and three children in a gorgeous, detached 1930s family home in London.

Karen wanted to transform her eldest son’s bedroom into a contemporary and clutter-free space that would grow with him through the years and turned to freelance journalist Andrea Dean and Betta Living for a fitted bedroom design solution.

Betta Living's Regional Design Manager, Darren Riley was able to interpret Karen’s needs into a fantastic design. He explained: “Karen’s main requirement for the room was for it to be long lasting for her young teenage son as he gets older, with a décor right for both now and as a young adult.  She wanted a room that would give her son some quiet personal space to chill out in and also do his homework. A narrow and compact room, Karen also wanted to make the space feel bigger and clutter-free.”

Based on Karen’s requirements, our designers chose fitted wardrobes with chrome edging. Sliding wardrobe doors in opaque glass were an ergonomic option to accommodate the narrow space and reflective surfaces were chosen to make the room feel bigger.

                          Bedroom 2

“We fitted wardrobes along one of the bedroom walls to deliver the bedroom’s storage requirements,” says designer, Darren Riley. “This then eliminated the need for additional free-standing storage units. Internal wardrobe storage was a mix of both hanging rails for clothing and fitted shelving for other items and accessories such books, school bags, footballs etc.”

                           Bedroom 3

Karen chose the mural for the room – a stunning sky scene outlining a footballer kicking a ball. “My son wanted to put up football posters so my compromise was the mural,” said Karen. ”And we get more out of this thanks to the mirrored doors that reflect the artwork.”

Karen added: “The mirrored designed creates a fresh contemporary look, enhanced by the gorgeous glossy detail of the chrome edges. In keeping with the modern theme, I brought in a quirky navy blue hand-shaped chair that I had purchased years ago from Cargo on Tottenham Court Road, and selected denim-look curtains with retro curtain holes (from Harlequin Fabrics) and a cool blue blind from Hillarys.”

                                   Bedroom 4

Karen and her son couldn’t have been happier with the end result.

“My son now has a bedroom that’s cool, contemporary and clutter-free.” 

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Photography courtesy of David Giles. 

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