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You know what they say – the kitchen is the heart of the home. What with the tantalising smells of home cooking, quality family time around the table and comforting décor, it’s no surprise!

One thing that can interrupt this homely atmosphere, however, is clutter. Kitchen connoisseurs in particular will understand this better than anyone – different spices, condiments, crockery and gadgets take up lots of room, after all. There is a way to solve the problem though, without having to cut down on your essentials… simply think more innovatively about your storage solutions! Here are ten ideas to try:

1. Use your walls

What many people don’t realise is that kitchen walls aren’t just made for photographs – they can be used as artful storage displays, too.

You could hang your pans on a spare wall (especially if they’re gorgeous brass pans), hang wooden spoons above the oven or hang your mugs on a wall-mounted rack. You could even invest in stylish wall-mounted shelving with space for mugs, cups and plates.

2. Transform your skirting boards

Skirting boards are packed full of storage potential – simply turn them into a series of extra drawers! The shallow space is perfect for things like tea towels, frying pans, oven gloves or carrier bags that could be taking up space elsewhere.

One particularly good idea for pet owners is to turn an area of skirting board into a pull-out platform containing their four-legged friend’s food and water bowls.

3. Pull-out perfection

Pull-out storage is one of the most innovative storage solutions available. When incorporated into everyday cupboards, you’re left with an easily accessible place for your pots and pans, canned goods and jars, and things like Tupperware. On the other hand, pull-out storage can take the form of something a little more unconventional: a dining table, for example, that folds out from the wall.

4. Utilise unused cupboard space

While it’s never long before our kitchen cupboards threaten to overflow, there’s still likely to be unused space you could utilise as storage. The back of your cupboard doors, for example, is a great place to fit a slim metal slot in which your chopping board can sit, or a rack for your tea towel. If there’s space, why not fit a spice rack?

5. Renovate a kitchen drawer

Do you have a kitchen drawer that’s not in use, or is full of old bits and bobs that need clearing out? If so, it’s the perfect place to store your kitchen roll. Simply remove the drawer, fit a slim wooden pole across the nook, and there you have it! A brand new, unobtrusive kitchen roll holder that will free up essential counter space.

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6. Invest in a multifunctional island

A kitchen island, that is!  Often considered bulky and unnecessary, even a small kitchen island can help to create more kitchen space. All you need to do is make sure that it’s big enough for the surface to be used as both a preparation and dining area – eliminating the need for a dining table – and that it incorporates some cupboards to provide extra storage space.

7. Switch up your countertops

The formula for kitchen countertops usually involves containers for tea, sugar, biscuits and large cutlery, alongside things like spices and condiments. By going against the grain, however, and switching up your displays, you could actually create some room.

Take large appliances – things like pretty KitchenAid and Kenwood mixers make for great countertop decoration. Plus, having them on show will free up a huge amount of cupboard space for the things that would usually sit in their place.

8. Free up a drawer

Drawer space can also be freed up by doing things a little differently. Rather than keeping things conventional and storing your cutlery in a draw, place it in a fancy mug or jar instead and keep it on the countertop. As well as being practical, it makes for a nice subtle focal point.

9. Make your cutlery stand to attention

Another alternative way to store cutlery involves a simple change in direction. Rather than laying everything flat in a shallow drawer, keep it in a deeper drawer and stand it up, instead. It’s really easy to whip up some wooden dividers, and you’ll free up extra drawer space next to the cutlery that can be filled with napkins, tea towels or sandwich bags.

10. Go floor to ceiling

Floor to ceiling storage is something we tend to associate with living rooms, but it’s a great way to utilise kitchen space. By using the whole wall, you could give yourself four or five extra shelves to work with – that’s enough space for overflowing crockery and a few other essentials. What better excuse to buy another cookbook or a bunch of sweet smelling flowers?

Have you developed any of your own innovative solutions for kitchen storage? Let us know using the comment box below.


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