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Neff slide and hide oven lifestyle shot

Gracing the Great British Bake Off tents once again this year, Neff’s Slide & Hide® Oven has become the hero gadget our customers can’t get enough of in their kitchens in 2014.

This week we’ve been talking to the experts at Neff about this popular innovation and why Bake Off fans are all over it.

Product expert Dan Twigg explains its three key product benefits:

Culinary Excellence

The beauty of the disappearing door is that it gives homeowners (and avid bakers) fantastic access to the oven’s interior, making cooking much easier. The savvy door slides beneath the oven, allowing dishes to be brought in and out without obstruction.

Cooks can then monitor and taste their dishes through the cooking process (albeit with anxious eyes on GBBO)!

The Slide & Hide® Oven’s Circotherm technology also preheats the oven at speed, evenly distributing the hot air – a key ingredient to the perfect Victoria sponge!

                          Neff oven 2 

Safety First

The disappearing door is also a highly practical safety feature, reducing the possibility of nasty oven burns between the oven’s shelves when dealing with multiple dishes. With better access to the oven’s cavity, it’s also easier to lift out heavy dishes avoiding dangerously hot spills.

All doors also come with a rotating handle, which rotate forward as the door opens, whilst remaining fully accessible even as it tucks away beneath the oven, so there’s no worry of catching hands as you open the door.

                         Neff oven 3

Stylishly Space-Saving

The Slide & Hide® has been extremely popular amongst those living in compact urban homes. Due to the foldaway design, space is maximised, which is particularly important for galley-style kitchens where the door can cause an obstruction through the work space.

A stylish and savvy design, it’s also a guaranteed show stopper, giving your dinner party guests an adequate dose of kitchen envy! 

                        Neff oven 4

Are you considering an upgrade to Neff’s #GBBO masterpiece in your fitted kitchen? Let us know over on Facebook and Twitter.


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