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Room design Mistakes to Avoid

Designing your dream room is an exciting process, but one that you can easily get carried away with. It’s always tempting to cram in as many pieces of cool furniture as possible, or run away with a big interior design trend, but our advice is to take things slowly. After all, you don’t want to end up making any of these five common mistakes, and risk turning your dream room into a space you dread entering.

Mistake number one: The wrong paint

Like it or not, when you’re designing a room, it isn’t wise to simply choose the colour of paint you like the most.

Paint can mean the difference between a room feeling welcoming and stylish, or cold and moody. For example, if a room doesn’t have an abundance of light, using a very dark or blue-toned paint will only make the space feel gloomier and colder. In rooms like this, it’s better to go for something like pale olive green, neutral shades, or even something with a slight rose tint.

Mistake number two: Overdoing a trend

We are overwhelmed by information telling us that country cottage chic is so in right now, or that the industrial trend is the next big thing among designers. And while there is nothing wrong with incorporating a trend you’ve fallen in love with, it’s important not to take it too far. The country cottage look is a popular victim for overuse, with some rooms ending up with floral wallpaper, floral cushions; floral everything alongside nothing but peeling white furniture.

Tone it down, and incorporate trends subtly and in carefully selected places.

Mistake number three: Too much furniture

Certain rooms are associated with certain furniture, but that doesn’t mean you absolutely have to include it. For example, you don’t need a dressing table in the bedroom or a coffee table in the living room if there simply isn’t space for them.

Similarly, don’t feel like you need to include a chair in the bathroom or the kitchen, regardless of how much you love the look or how often it features in design magazines. Start with the essentials, see how much room you have left, and only then start to think about extras.

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Image credit: Emily May /

Mistake number four: Trying to mimic

It’s easy to fall in love with a room on a blog and try to emulate it as completely as possible. While there is no harm in taking inspiration from a design you love, that’s all you should take.

Trying to create a carbon copy will only end in disappointment – this room came from that person’s individual tastes and style. Your style should come from you, showcasing your personality rather than just attractive design features or trends.

Mistake number five: Forgetting about storage

One thing you should never overlook when it comes to room design, is storage. You will always need it, and storage keeps the atmosphere of a room feeling calm and peaceful rather than cluttered and intrusive.

When you are designing your space, think about how you can incorporate storage without it taking up extra room. Try wall-mounted or recessed shelving, floor to ceiling storage, or even a window seat that opens up to reveal a chest. Don’t be afraid to be adventurous, and move away from boxes and baskets.

Happy designing!


Main image credit: Emily May /

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