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This weekend our clocks will go back, plunging us into darkness an hour earlier. Though the darkness and chill of the colder season may be a bit of a dampening prospect, the autumnal clock change is the perfect time to illuminate rooms with ambient lighting to create a cosy home to snuggle down in this winter.

Here’s some of favourite lighting products and expert lighting tips to help you create a cosy home ready for the colder season.

The secret to a well-lit home is implementing layers of lighting. Four layers of different lighting will ensure rooms are functional for different moods, purposes and tasks and will create a warm and cosy look. The first layer to consider is ambient lighting; this lighting combines natural light from windows and artificial lighting which substitutes for natural lighting when it’s dark. The second layer is task lighting, including lighting used for cooking and reading. The third layer is accent lights, highlighting a room’s accent features and finally the fourth layer is decorative lights, used for adding a warming, glitzy glow to the home.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is generally achieved through overhead fixtures such as recessed lighting or pendants. We love this Fisherman Satin Silver Large Pendant light – a statement hanging light, it's perfect for modern kitchens and will create a warm and cosy feel when recessed lights are turned off.  

                               Designer Brands - Fisherman Satin Silver Large Pendant


Pendant lights can also multi-function as task lights when placed over cooking/dining areas as seen below in our Linear Kitchen. Get the look with our funky Pendant Ceiling Lamp for a tasteful touch of monochrome styling.


                                      Horizon Gloss White Handleless for zipp


Task Lighting

Downlights, floor lamps and table lamps are not only highly functional but the perfect way of bringing a cosy feel to rooms in the home. Whilst downlights are ideal for illuminating work surfaces in the kitchen, they are also the secret to creating cosy, evening mood lighting in the kitchen. And if you’re looking to cut the costs of electricity consumption, LED downlights are definitely the way to go.



Above Betta Livings 12V Triangular Lights.

Floor lamps bring a cosy layer of lighting to living and bedroom spaces, whilst providing great illumination over sofas and beds for reading. This Pale Blue Floor Lamp not only has a stylish, retro look but its flexible arm allows for task areas to be cleverly illuminated with direct light.

                                    Designer Brands - Pale Blue Floor Lamp

If you’re looking to illuminate a dark corner in your room, whilst creating a moody atmosphere, our customers love this Black Organza Tripod Lamp. The tripod shade sends light upwards and downwards for an accented look.

                                           Designer Brands - Black Organza Tripod Lamp

Table lamps are also an essential piece to the puzzle in bringing a cosy look to the home. As table lamps direct light downwards, light is diffused within a compact area, creating a warming, accented glow to part of the room. Try our Brown Decoupage Lamp for a warming glow.



                                        Designer Brands - Brown Decoupage Lamp


Accent Lighting

Accent lighting will draw attention to key features within a room such as paintings, fireplaces or ornaments. Illuminated Box Shelf Lights have a frosted glass top and bottom that allows light to flood through, illuminating prided ornaments and creating a stunning warming glow in the kitchen when pendent lights are turned down.


                        shelf lights


Decorative Lighting

Lighting can bring a real stand out design statement to rooms in the home. Statement pendant lights such as chandeliers create the perfect centre pieces to set off living or bathroom spaces as shown below in our Melissa bathroom.

                               Betta Living Melissa Collection

Get the look with our Marie Therese Frosted Grey 8 Light Acrylic Fiiting for a touch of Art-deco inspired styling.

                              Marie Therese Frosted Grey 8 Light Acrylic Fiiting


Whilst chandeliers are highly practical for creating equally diffused ambient lighting across the room, they are perfect for creating a cosy atmosphere, particularly when balanced with floor lamps and accent shelf lights.  A great style tip is to have chandeliers fitted with dimmers to get the atmosphere just right!

What are your lighting tips for bringing a warming glow to the home this autumn? Leave us a comment on Facebook or tweet us @BettaLiving and let us know. 

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