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betta living in the media

October has been one hot month for Betta Living being featured in the UK news and home interest magazines. The press have loved our fitted kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms – particularly our Bedroom Of The Future! This month you’ll find us on the Mail Online, in a whole host of regional newspapers and the glossy pages of November’s Grand Designs, Kitchen Bedroom & Bathroom Magazine, Good Homes, Your Home and Real Homes (they all went on sale in October).

                                       Betta Living Homes Mags

The month got off to an exciting start when the press got hold of our Bedroom Of The Future, created in collaboration with top technology pundit, Jay Garret.   

It appeared on the Mail Online, as well as in regional newspapers, magazines and on all sorts of gizmo-giddy blogs and social media pages. 

                                         Betta Living Mail Online

                                                      Betta Living Regional Newspapers

Real Homes magazine seemed particularly taken with our adaptive furniture, featuring our drop down bed in its piece on multi-functional storage. Our versatile, Cassia Loft Playroom Bedroom was also a hit in November’s Your Home, appearing in a fantastic feature on loft conversions.

    Betta Living Real Homes MagsBetta Living Your Home Magazine

Our sleek, space-saving Fresco Saving Bathroom appeared in Your Home Magazine and our opulent Melissa Collection got a full page spread in November’s Good Homes magazine. Grand Designs wrote about Betta Living's Bello Bathroom, highlighting its quirky black finish and glossy monochrome look as a key trend.

                 Betta Living Good Homes MagazineBetta Living Your Home Mag 2


The Pasadena Kitchen with its vibrant lime green splashbacks took centre stage in a feature on stylish kitchen surfaces.

                                 Image 10

Our Lexington Kitchen was also the kitchen of choice for self-renovation projects, appearing in a ‘10 of the Best Kitchens’ feature in Build It magazine and finally our immensely popular pantry cupboard storage featured in Kitchen & Bathroom magazine.

Betta Living Kitchens, Bedroom and Bathrooms MagBetta Living Build It Magazine

Excited for what’s to come in November? Don’t forget to check our Facebook Page for updates on what the media say about Betta Living. 

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