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Cupcake Healthy Winner

We previously mentioned that a cupcake’s decoration is nothing if the flavour doesn’t measure up, but five of our Betta Bake a Cupcake competition entrants made us eat our words. While we can’t comment on the flavour of these impressive-looking bakes, we were seriously impressed by the attention to detail in their pretty decoration.


Tropical cupcake with ginger cream cheese buttercream

Bursting with the exotic flavours of pineapple, coconut and spices, these cupcakes have certainly got our mouths watering! They don’t just sound divine though – they look exceedingly inviting. Smooth, creamy icing sits atop the cupcake in a winding pattern evocative of flower petals, while delicate pieces of crystallised ginger add a warming garnish. It just goes to show that less can often be more.


Chocolate orange cupcakes for grown ups

chocolate orange cupcake

Photo by mummymakescakes

“What’s so grown up about chocolate orange flavouring?” we hear you say. Well, these deceptive cupcakes contain a naughty little secret… Cointreau dark chocolate ganache. Combined with the orange flavour, this ‘grown up’ ingredient helps to create the perfect treat for the approaching chilly evenings.

What we really love about these cupcakes, however, is the effort that went into the decoration. Each cake is iced differently, with some swathed in buttercream and others topped with fondant autumn leaves and pumpkins. One cupcake even sports a chocolate ‘Betta Living’!


Pumpkin cupcakes


Photo by hannahshelpinghand

There is a distinct orange-hued theme running through the cupcakes so far, showing how inspirational the coming autumn has been to our bakers. Perhaps most evocative of the season though are these pumpkin cupcakes, not only flavoured with pumpkin and cinnamon, but iced to look like the iconic vegetable! We love the idea of using a piece of Flake as a stem.


Black forest cupcakes 

Blackforest cupcakes

Photo by madamegourmand

With the checked cases and cherry-garnished cream topping, these indulgent cupcakes look like they have popped straight out of a classic American diner. We think the cherries and sprinkling of chocolate make all the difference to the finished decoration; adding an extra area of interest and conjuring up memories of cream-topped milkshakes. Yummy!


Lemon meringue cupcakes

 Lemon cupcakes

Photo by threeboysandacat

If you aren’t ready to let go of the taste of summer just yet, you won’t want to miss these zingy lemon meringue cupcakes. Lemon curd livens up not just the cupcake mix, but the rich Italian meringue that makes up the delectable decoration. Piped into an ice cream-style peak, topped with vivid hundreds and thousands and bordered by a stripy, multi-coloured case, it’s taking us back to hot summers spent by the seaside.

If we have got your creative juices flowing and you’re eager to create your own pretty cupcake, why not grab the ingredients and plan your bake for the weekend ahead? Remember – even the simplest decorative techniques can look eye-catching with a couple of added extras.


Main photo by cakesbychichi

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