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Children's Bedroom ideas

For many of us, our childhood memories are our fondest. Picnics in the garden, playing hide and seek, being read bedtime stories – these are just some of the things that helped make our young lives magical, and which we are using to make our own children’s lives magical too. There is one thing that could perhaps do with a little added magic, however – our children’s bedrooms.

It’s easy to think that children will soon grow out of a room blushing with pink or designed around their favourite cartoon character, but with our impression of childhood staying with us for life, why not make the most of those early years by treating your little ones to a sleeping space they’ll always remember? It doesn’t have to elaborate or overly expensive – here are some children’s bedroom ideas suited to every budget.

Paint a mural

Why settle for plain, coloured walls when you could create a whole mural? You can even buy stencils if you don’t have full faith in your artistic talents. The possibilities are endless: a seascape, a forest scene, even the Gruffalo – the star of the nation’s favourite bedtime story. Ask your little ones what they’d love to see brightening up that blank space.

Be clever with colour

Colour bedroom

Photo by Dept of Energy Solar Decathlon Copyright

Kids love colour, so much so that many children request entirely pink, red or blue bedrooms! There is a disadvantage to red upon red upon red though – children grow out of certain colours and into different ones far more frequently than most other designs. Use colour tactically and sparingly instead, incorporating something like a feature wall painted in your little one’s favourite colour, or a wardrobe, bedframe and bedding in complimentary shades. It’s all about creating bright splashes.

Have fun with shapes

Bedroom accessories and furnishings needn’t be all the colours of the rainbow to pique your child’s excitement. Why not experiment with different shapes instead? A chair with a heart shaped back or a fun shelving unit made up of hollow hexagons, rather than straight lines, are both great places to start.

Make a den

By ‘den’, we don’t mean your typical mish-mash of bed sheets and chairs, we mean a properly constructed, full time den that won’t be dismantled at bedtime. First, find a good-sized nook in your children’s bedroom (this could be anything from the space under a single bunk bed, to the corner of the room), then set about creating a wonderland of a den. Construct it around a proper, tent-like frame covered in coloured sheets that create a lovely ambience when the lights inside are lit. Fill it with things like fairy lights, cosy blankets, books and soft toys, even a little chair or two so your kids can curl up and read. You could also print pictures of animals or pirate ships (whatever your youngsters love), cut them out and string them along the den’s ‘ceiling’.

Add a bunk bed slide

Why climb down from a bunk bed when you could slide down from it? Adding a slide for the bunk bed’s exit and keeping the ladder for the bunk bed’s entry is a great way to motivate your kids to get out of bed in the morning. Plus, it’s just plain fun!

Create a chalkboard wall

If you have young children, you’ll know how difficult it can be to stop them letting loose their creative flair on the walls! This is why creating a chalkboard wall in their bedroom is such a nifty idea – as well as giving them a huge canvas to practice drawing with, it gives them an extra special place for their doodles.

Fill it with different textures

Children love investigating things with their hands – poking, prodding and picking up anything they can get their mitts on. Not that this is a bad thing. This kind of interaction should be nurtured with the right objects, something easily done by incorporating different textures into your little one’s bedroom design. Include plush fluffy carpets, spongy chairs, carved wood and a mixture of shapes to stimulate the senses.

Theme it around something they love

Many parents are wary of taking on a big children’s bedroom project, but they needn’t be. The end product doesn’t have to be grand in design, and the theme can be as strong or subtle as you can manage. All you need to do is think outside the box or draft in the experts, to ensure that anything from Finding Nemo to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is brought magically to life.

Combined with a wonderful bedtime story, we’re positive that these children’s bedroom ideas will help your little ones drift off into a peaceful slumber, and make their faces light up with excitement each time they step into their space.

Main Photo by Mazzall Copyright

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