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Cupcakes Betta Bakers

Most weeks at Betta Living stores it is cupcake week but this week, National cupcake week from 15th-21st September, we are joined by many more baking fans. Especially with the Great British Bake Off in full swing on our screens. 

However did you know our Betta Living showrooms heat up their ovens most weekends to have freshly baked goodies for customers to enjoy whilst browsing the kitchen, bedroom and bathrooms? 

Here are some of the Betta Living teams cupcake creations from across the country.

This is the inaugural batch of cupcakes on the first day our doors opened in Bristol

Cupcakes In Bristol 

A tower of cupcakes are the center piece at our Gatehead showroom.

Cupcakes In Gateshead

 Our Betta Bear is never far away with cupcakes on offer at Lakeside.

Cupcakes In Lakeside

These blue beauties were created in the national colours of Brazil for the World Cup celebrations at our Nottingham showroom.

Cupcakes In Nottingham

Red velvet cupcakes are the speciality of our Stockport showroom.

Cupcakes In Stockport

It isn't just our showrooms getting their bake on. Although being in Oldham the jury is out whether they are cupcakes or buns, the team at Betta Living HQ have some pretty special fairy cakes to keep them going from time to time too.

Cupcakes In Central OfficeNext Friday 26th September is another diary date being celebrated with cake and one not to be missed. Our showrooms will be baking and fund raising for the World's Biggest Coffee Morning.

We just wanted to reassure you that cupcakes are not just for one week, here at Betta Living cupcakes are for life!

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